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Create eBook Apps Consumers will Actively Seek
July 24, 2014

Create eBook Apps Consumers will Actively Seek

We have in these blogs many times before, covered the meteoric rise of smartphone, tablet and eReader usage happening all around us the world over, quite literally. It would be easier to think of friends and family who don’t own one of these connected devices, such is their popularity. It therefore stands to reason that publishers should be fully exploring every available option to them in terms of monetizing a share of the gargantuan market these devices enjoy; bearing in mind the current downturn in the market share within the traditional print publishing sphere this has never been more apt. An eBook app is one such way that publishers can utilize resources, resources that they already have at their disposal.

PDFs are digital documents used throughout the print industry, it is how the information is transported from the digital screen to the paper page, these very same PDFs can be used to create eBooks and flipbooks with all the advantages inherent through online technology. Sales of eBooks have been on the increase for some time, it is within everyone’s, especially the publisher’s best interests to be part of this ever burgeoning market.

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The advantages

One obvious advantage of eBooks which I haven’t mentioned yet is the use of rich media within that light up their digital pages. Rich media or interactive features are part of the real beauty of eBook technology; this technology can be used to create eBooks that really come to life through animations, video and audio creating a unique, engaging experience for the end user.

Rich media within animated eBooks can encompass but are in no way restricted to;

• Audio clips
• Movies
• Flash animations
• Web and email links
• Call out text

Rich media used within eBooks can create a truly engaging, interactive experience that transfixes the consumer like no other, as the old saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so the same adage can be applied to rich media within eBooks, what better way to inform and engage the consumer than to supply a video or audio file to accompany the content about a particular subject?

The power of storytelling through rich media

Think about it, when you are reading about something, you are imagining it in your mind; you are hearing the noises, seeing the colors, smelling the smells, experiencing everything which is being described within the story itself. How significant an improvement is it then when that same story is supplemented with rich media pertaining to the subject you have just been reading about? Those noises and colors you were imagining have now become a reality. The story is no longer just in your head but is literally in front of your eyes and around your ears.

There is also a handy eBook itself on How to Create an E-Book from your PDF right here. The advantages of eBook apps don’t start and stop with rich media, their advantages include;

– Reaching your Audience on any Device
– The ability to Publish Quickly and Easily
– Portability
– Low production costs
– Environmentally friendly
– Instantaneous delivery
– Worldwide reach
– Auto Detection and Placement of Links
– SEO friendly publications and much, much more

Like most things in life you will need a strategy in place to maximize your potential, eBook apps are no different in this regard, you can’t just make an app and hope for success in a similar vein to the approach undertaken with their printed cousins but success is there, waiting when handled strategies and the assembly of eBook apps are handled in a fashion befitting of their capabilities and reach.

Create what it is the consumer wants and they shall seek, find and engage.

By Charlie Gallagher

Via: http://www.3dissue.com/create-ebook-app/

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