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How To Recommend eBooks To Your Library – 5 Simple Steps

How To Recommend eBooks To Your Library – 5 Simple Steps

by Shelley Hitz

Overdrive provides an eBook lending service to libraries. I recently started using this service through my local library to read eBooks. There were several eBooks I wanted to read that they did not yet have in their collection.

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So, I recommended my library purchase these books. Very quickly, I was notified they purchased two of the books I requested.

This is not only a great service for me as a reader, but every time a library purchases a copy of an author’s book, that author receives royalties as well.

Smashwords recently started distributing their eBooks to Overdrive. I was really excited about the possibility of my books getting into libraries and helping more people.

Although some authors have reported it is difficult for librarians to find books distributed by Smashwords to Overdrive, readers can easily recommend books to their libraries.

If your eBooks have been distributed to Overdrive via Smashwords, you can let your fans and readers know how they can recommend your books to their library.

5 Simple Steps to Recommend eBooks to Your Library on Overdrive:

1 – Sign up for access to your library’s Overdrive account.

2 – Search the author’s name or book title within Overdrive.

3 – Click “Additional Titles to Recommend.”

4 – Scroll over the book cover and click “Recommend.”

Hitz - recommend-books-to-library-overdrive

5 – Choose to be notified when your library purchases a copy of that book.


Here is a short video tutorial:

As a reader, do you borrow eBooks from your library via Overdrive? If so, have you recommended a book to your library to purchase?

As an author, are your eBooks distributed to Overdrive via Smashwords or other distributor? If so, share this post with your readers to let them know how they can recommend your eBook to their library.

Photo of North Hollywood Amelia M. Earhart Regional Branch Library of Los Angeles copyright by Denise Wakeman

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