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Yahoo a Major Player in the Digital Magazine Industry
July 15, 2014

Yahoo a Major Player in the Digital Magazine Industry

Advertising is the major source of revenue with one of the internet forerunners Yahoo, but with steady declines in recent years Marissa Mayer plans to boldly redevelop the strategy. Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo since July 2012 intends to reinvent the company as a media giant with an assemblage of what it calls digital magazines on varied subjects such as travel, technology, film and food. Could this news shake up the digital magazine industry?

“We think that digital magazines can be a great advance, creating a different category of content consumption,” Mayer said.

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“You can layer in video. You can change the content. You can bring in the social aspect. You can tell someone, ‘Oh, by the way, your friend also read this article and thought it was interesting.’”

It is obvious the premise is to create engaging content to keep some of the 800 million daily users on the site a little longer.

Thus creating a good environment to sell ad space. Yahoo of late had noted that users are just checking in to check mail, flickr, and latest news. Mayer wants to create a digital space where yahoo visitors can relax and spend some time on their favorite topics like fashion, celebrity gossip, gadgets, and so on.

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Yahoo spent millions recruiting top industry expects to give the magazines that special touch. The digital magazines are powered by the technology bought in 2013 when they took over tumbler for a mere 1.1 billion dollars. I checked out the beauty magazine as I heard that the high profile Bobby Brown was hired as editor.

I have to say I like the look of it, it is a place I could linger for a while, visually pleasing graphics, large images, integration with video, lots to see and do. And the plan doesn’t end there, the advertising that is used throughout in some cases is to be showcased as articles, so you as the reader may not know which is which. Yahoo is blurring the lines between advertising and journalism. Can we live with this? Is it honest? Watch this space in a few months time we we know if the big investment as revolutionized the digital magazine industry.

By Audrey Henry

Via: http://www.3dissue.com/digital-magazine-industry/

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