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March 21, 2018

Applications For Lead Generation

Lead generation is one process that has to reinvent itself every now and then. Customers are always changing thaeir buying pattern, looking at different media to search for products and services and also rejecting some methods of contacting them. For example, they are not quite comfortable with telemarketing calls anymore. Customers often fall for innovative methods of reaching out to them. BPO units have to think out of the box to make the right kind of impact. That is how the applications on social media networks like Facebook have come to the fore. These applications (API) are popular among the masses, often more popular dear to the users than the website itself! If the sales lead generation team can come up with something different and unique, it is sure to make its presence felt.

It is not easy to develop APIs that make the right kind of impact. To start off, the BPO unit needs qualified employees. You cannot get such jobs done by the usual employees of the call center. You need software developers and programmers. Website designing is another skill required for this purpose. The lead generation message has to be written by professional copywriters. The copy needs to be catchy and very in sync with the overall mood of the API. There is no point in hitting across directly. It is always a better idea to mask your marketing message in an interesting, innovative way. You would want to tempt the user into a curiosity for the brand or the products/services. APIs will work only when they are created in a way that interests the user. This interest is going to convert into sales lead generation.

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Call centers have to reach out to the users in fresh, unique ways. APIs are popular among the users because they appeal to their visual senses. That is why the call center designers have to be on the top of their game. The designs should be made keeping some factors in mind. You need to keep the target users in mind. What kind of an age group are you looking at? Is your brand more appealing to the female users? The look and feel of the API will be based on the answers that you get here. Leads dont come in unless you can make the user curious. If you are trying to sell computers, your target users will be different from those who want to sell FMCG.

Other than creating their own APIs, call center units can use other popular ones for advertising. BPO units can create a banner or a widget that can easily blend with the API that you are using as a vehicle. Its also important to keep the customer service department ready to answer calls and other information about the brand. Generally these methods of lead generation are expensive and often clients shy away from them because of the cost factor. So if you do it, you must utilize it to the hilt. Call center services have to well-prepared for the impact of such APIs.

We provide lead generation in different forms of media, both online and offline. Our call center agents are adept in the use of online and offline forms of lead generation.

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