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July 31, 2014

ASAP Launches Strategic Alliance Magazine

Canton, MA (PRWEB) June 06, 2011

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) professional association today launched the inaugural edition of Strategic Alliance Magazine (SAM), the first magazine dedicated to the emerging profession of alliance management. A product of the organization’s new ASAP Media division, SAM will initially begin with a quarterly publication and will feature case studies, features, news, products and services and contributed opinion pieces that illustrate best practices and discuss the most pressing issues related to the alliance management craft.

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With Global 1,000 companies, midmarket enterprises and small businesses alike all utilizing complex partnerships to do more with less in achieving corporate goals, the alliance management profession is increasingly being recognized as a crucial component of business. SAM provides the first journalistic forum for in-depth discussion and analysis of the finer points and highly complex intricacies of steering alliances so that they achieve company objectives such as greater efficiency, penetration of new markets, the filling of gaps in product and service offerings and other aims.

“Over the past decade, alliance management has taken a seat next to marketing, sales, R&D and other indelible disciplines that keep the business world moving,” said Art Canter, president and CEO of ASAP. “With alliances contributing more and more to bottom lines and alliance executives moving higher up the corporate ladder, it is apparent that there is a huge need for a medium that continually examines the tools, processes, practices and technologies that go into effective alliance management.”

Special BioPharma Focus Highlights First Issue

An exclusive sneak peek at the May 2011 edition of SAM was given to attendees of ASAP’s annual BioPharma Conference in Basel, Switzerland, May 30–June 1 and New Brunswick, N.J., June 1–2. The pharmaceutical and biotech spaces are two of the most advanced industries in terms of their respective alliance management practices. They employ thousands of alliance professionals to execute R&D and commercialization-related partnerships. The Special BioPharma Focus section features:

    A profile of Ipsen Pharmaceutical’s successful alliance management transformation that has helped the relatively small pharmaceutical company compete globally
    An examination of the effect of mergers and acquisitions on biopharma alliances
    A summary of a recent survey examining the challenges alliance managers are having managing a growing alliance portfolio without a subsequent increase in manpower
    A contributed article from Curtis Sprouse, president of Boston Market Strategies, Inc., and EurekaConnect, LLC, on how behavioral dynamics is a major determinant of an alliance’s ultimate success

IT Heavily Represented in Debut Edition, Future Issues

Like the biopharma community, the IT industry has long heavily depended on alliances to execute its strategies. The May 2011 issue of SAM provides a feature on business analytics software company SAS Institute’s Path-to-Market approach to alliance management, a formal performance management process to align specific partner initiatives—co-developed products, collaborative solutions and other joint go-to-market offerings—with overall company objectives. In addition, a roundup of ASAP’s 2011 Alliance Excellence Awards profiles the success of alliance initiatives of IBM, SAP and HP.

The August issue of SAM will feature a Special IT Focus similar to May’s Special BioPharma Focus section. In addition, numerous alliance management leaders from leading IT companies will be interviewed for a variety of pieces on individual tactics and issues analyzed by SAM on an ongoing basis.

Upcoming SAM Editorial Calendar

SAM also released its editorial calendar detailing planned features for the next three issues through May 2012.

August 2011 (Editorial Deadline: June 15)

Editorial Features

Alliance Metrics:
The Measures that Matter Most
Alliances Finances: Models to Mimic

Special Focus

*Alliances in the High Tech Industry

November 2011 (Editorial Deadline: September 1)

Editorial Features

Career Focus: How Alliance Managers Advance
Alliance Governance

Special Focus

Alliances in Manufacturing and Retail Supply Chain
Event Distribution: Conference Board

February 2012 (Editorial Deadline: December 1)

Editorial Features

Emerging Alliances: Markets & Industries
Global Summit Preview

Special Focus

Emerging Alliances in Industries New to the Practice
Event Distribution: ASAP Global Conference, Las Vegas, Nev.

An electronic version of the inaugural May 2011 issue of SAM can be found at http://www.issuu.com/asap_media/docs/strategicalliancemagazine_q2_2011. A pdf file can be downloaded using the bottom right icon below the image of the publication.        

About ASAP

The Association for Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is the leading professional association dedicated to alliance formation and management. Founded in 1998, the organization provides a forum to exchange best practices and frameworks for cultivating the skills and toolsets needed to manage successful business partnerships and network with the world’s best alliance management professionals in several industries. Global sponsors include Cisco, Eli Lilly, IBM, Microsoft, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, USAA Insurance and Xerox. A complete list of sponsors is available at http://www.strategic-alliances.org.


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