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February 8, 2015


One of these speakers I would never buy again. Watch and find out which one. Feel free to browse my channel for more headphones comparison and reviews.

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Click here for my full review: http://www.runaroundtech.com/2013/12/27/review-igear-unlimited-ipad-mini-flip-turn-case/ In this video I review the Gear Unlim…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses

  1. spaceydecember

    The Pill looks hideous to me, sorry it does.

  2. paul Smith

    Beats main focus is in creating synthetic product value through
    advertisements and celebrity endorsements. They spend a huge amount on
    product promotion and little on development. The new products have been
    improved a lot but they still are nowhere near as good as some of their
    competitors. The old saying goes ” You get what you pay for ” You can
    either pay for a lot of advertising and celebrity endorsements or you can
    pay for a lot of product development and top notch engineering. 

  3. StraightM

    hey a black guy

    go back in the jungle boy

  4. Alfred Oropeza

    The jbl flip is a good speaker I had one is loud good bass 

  5. Ryan Kritz

    Dude the jbl has 2 5 what drivers and their 40mm and the jbl has a bass
    port. And compare the jbl flip 2 to the beats pill it would destroy the
    beats pill!!

  6. ✪ϟ Dizardanius ϟ✪

    Similarity with beats and apple:
    Apple owns beats
    Both are overpriced
    Both don’t tell their specs
    Both are marked as (not good for their price point)
    Both are overly advertised
    Both are usen by celebrities
    Both are fancy.


    Sorry to say that the deal I found at the Sprint store is no longer
    available, but Best Buy still has them for $149.99 or $179.99 I can’t
    remember. Here in Tx.

  8. alex Butcher

    I could go on all day telling you why anything by JBL will always win
    against anything by Beats, and several other manufacturers for that matter,
    but as far as this particular comparison goes, JBL audio has been around
    since 1946, whereas beats by dre didn’t even poke its head up until 2006…
    do the math. Please people, before you buy anything with a driver, even
    headphones and earbuds, always read the specs. It is not difficult to grasp
    even if you have no experience in the area. What your essentially looking
    for is the decibel limit, driver size and frequency range. Also the Flip
    has a GREAT internal microphone, which makes the phone calls impeccable
    with ZERO feedback or echo. Take it from me, an electrical engineer and a
    music store owner, if you are deciding between the JBL Flip or the Beats
    Pill, save yourself half the price and get the Flip! Your ears and your
    wallet will thank you!

  9. Mihai Barbu

    Always pick BLACK. If you pick black, you never come back. With za brothars
    in za hood. :))) 


    Check out the Onyx Studio by Harman Kardon is only $179.99 at Sprint plus
    they give you the flip 2 for free.

    Yes you heard right free.

    I picked up one for a stocking stuffer the Onyx “MURDERS” both
    Speakers put together.

    Check it.

    Your welcome !

  11. gsgfilm

    i have a jbl flip 2 and love it. amazing sound quality

  12. Steven Turner

    Ice cream truck in the background lol

  13. Matt Hamlet

    I like beats pill a lot and I think the sound quality is fine but not
    trying to start any arguments cool if you like JBL I DO know that they have
    good quality 

  14. XxTh3CommunicatorxX

    Most of yall niggas hatin coz yo ass broke.
    wake yo ass up and work to get it instead of hatin

  15. garybowling25

    Jbl is better than the peeeeeeel

  16. Isidro Martinez

    Yea go back to the jungle stupid black boy.

  17. john stogdill

    The JBL Charge 2 is even better…Clear Sound, Big Bass, 12 hrs of play,
    and will Charge your Phone for half the price of the Pill.

  18. Joe Gilmer

    The jbl sounds way better than beats

  19. Tony21209

    I heard both in person. No way the jbl is better. Unless I heard a broken
    jbl, the beats pill is better no don’t. Not saying it’s the best out
    there…but it’s better than the flip.. I like jbl though alot.

  20. Damarah Bryant

    But why would you make a review without the pill being fully charged?

  21. Brad C.

    People just want the pill for the same reason they want name brand clothes.
    They’re brainwashed by the medias projection of it. I’m not saying they are
    garbage. Honestly, they are probably really similar in quality but popular
    brands can get away with ridiculous prices. Jbl Vs beats, is like the
    stereo brand equivalent of Craftsman Vs. Snap-on. Same tool, same quality,
    even same WARRANTY. Ridiculous price. 

  22. Joshua Hargett

    Awesome review jbl definitely sounds better thanks for confirming by
    thoughts I’ll be going for the jbl

  23. george bush

    Looks nice, but a bit too pricey at $99 and $129 respectively.

  24. oscarg223

    How much au money is this

  25. Antony Grigg

    Initially this was a well made piece of equipment, the keyboard wasn’t like
    an apple but reasonable, the case and hinge seemed robust for what I
    needed. However within an hour I realised that every time my ipad went to
    sleep my keyboard disconnected with the ipad. On restarting the ipad it
    showed it was still connected but did not work. The only way to resolve
    this was to forget and pair the keyboard again. In my opinion this makes it
    totally useless. iGear did try to resolve the problem and even issued an
    email to purchasers with a fix, but it didn’t fix mine. They ended up
    giving me a refund.

  26. Shane Burgess

    I have been using keyboards with mobile devices since they were called
    PDAs. I have used the smaller kind like shown here, and the full sized
    keyboards. I can tell you now that if you type a lot, or want to add an
    easy to use keyboard on your tablet, get one of the full sized keyboards.
    My experiences have been that when you type on the smaller keyboards, your
    fingers and hands will fatigue and tire faster. 

  27. Meighan Allen

    That is a keyboard case I would use

  28. mobb deep

    They should add a touchpad like the one on laptops

  29. Zach Beland

    What happened to your voice?

  30. Esceptico Deescepticos

    Great video. The Igear seems to be a good product and deal. I wish I’d
    watched this video before paying $129.00 for the clam case.

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