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October 8, 2014

Book Publishing Houses

If you are making your debut as a writer, self-publishing isn’t the only option. Sure, there is much stigma attached to traditional publishing with the inescapable threat of rejection. But book publishing houses are now keen on publishing works by new writers.

While self-publishing may save on time, it limits the possibilities of your project considerably. Book publishing houses have a whole lot of connections, from book sellers to reviewers. Besides, they bear all financial risks. If a book doesn’t succeed the author is still covered.

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If you have dreamt of that fancy hard cover with flawless illustrations and a quote or two about your immaculate lettering and profound insight; you need to approach book publishing houses that are right for you. You can decide which publishing house is likely to accept your manuscript by doing some research.

First identify the genre of your book, even if it is a cross genre book, it is necessary to figure out where it fits in the marketplace. Once you’ve done that, you can walk in to a bookstore and find titles of the same genre. Determine the publisher for each of those titles. The names you end up with are the book publishing houses you must approach.

When you have a list in place, study the websites of these book publishers. Their websites will have clearly articulated submission guidelines. Follow them to the hilt. Book publishing houses assign a specialized group of people to every approved manuscript. Editors will collaborate with the writer to improve the book while marketers will design a seemly marketing strategy.

Book publishing houses are also closely connected with the media. They will be able to create the necessary presence in the media, on the web and otherwise. They will also be able to guide you as a writer and teach you how to self-market, so you can continue to progress.

If you’re lucky or exceptionally good, book publishing houses will also commission your next book, perhaps the next two. A writer only wishes to get paid to do what he does best, with no need to supplement his income. Book publishing houses are open to submissions from new writers, perhaps like yourself, because you are then like a fresh slate with infinite possibilities.

The world has a population of billions; rest assured that if you have a voice someone out there wants to hear it. The future of publishing isn’t all that bleak, start writing today. If you have always dreamt about writing a book but are concerned about your finances, you can also apply for a grant.

There’s nothing like doing the groundwork; study the best suited book publishing houses for your impending work of fiction or non-fiction. That way, you won’t just write a creatively stimulating book but also a monetarily promising one.

There’s nothing like doing the groundwork; study the best suited book publishing houses for your impending work of fiction or non-fiction. That way, you won’t just write a creatively stimulating book but also a monetarily promising one.

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