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December 21, 2014

Career in Animation


So you are an aficionado of those comical creature that jumps and rolls and wags in the screen. The background, the characters and the presentation itself are enough to create that tickling sensation in You! And for long you have dreamt of creating such animated lively creatures of your own! Well then animation is the career that you are looking for!

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With the world growing faster than imagination, the art of storytelling has evolved in exponential pace. Story telling today is more about appealing to the imagination and not merely a narrating session! Animation is one such tool that uses superficial effects and lively colors to create moving characters on screens that are appealing to not only kids but grownups too!


A career in animation demands strong artistic skills apart from dexterity in latest animation technology. A lot however depends on your ability to turn creative thoughts into compelling images and then using them to communicate to the audience. Animators today apart from creating lively characters for films are in demand in television shows, web based companies and video game companies. The demand for animators work is increasing now a day as more and more forms of media are utilizing animation! Turn your eyes around and you will find animations almost everywhere! Be it cell phones or computers, be it televisions or movies; the pace with which animation industry is growing today is simply astounding! And with the rise in animations, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for professionals who are proficient in animation.


Your Path to an Animation Career


For aspirants who are interested in learning animation and taking it as a career path, a degree program in animation is advisable. In this program, you will be taught to produce animation for all forms of media like TV, Video games and Computers. You will be taught to use texture, light and other elements to make images that look visually compelling. Then you would be taught the latest software that would help you in creating the animations!


Animators – Skills Needed


Creative thinking – Thinking ingeniously and being able to present your ideas in the form of drawings is a must for animators. Whether you are creating a story board or giving final touches to the computer generated images, you must have the ability to assimilate and produce your ideas in a creative and artistic manner.


Storytelling Ability – Animation is just an offshoot of storytelling. So if you need to excel in your career as animator, you need to hone your skills in storytelling. This includes a good sense of timing and pacing, and knowing how to get your characters to express themselves.


Technical Skill / Software Knowledge – Animation career are increasingly becoming technical. Use of various software to generate images means that you become an adept in computer generated imagery (CGI) technology.


Your Career in Animation


Animation has taken some major leaps forward over the last few years. The career offers exciting prospects to students who can use it for a variety of purpose. Today a wide array of industries is preying on animators. These include the cell phone companies, the video gaming industries, the media companies, the movie production houses and the advertising industries!


So if you pursue a career in animation, you can hope to have a wide range of sectors to choose from. And if you are a kind of person who loves to be his own boss, there are options available! You can start your own animation firm or work as a freelancer where you can lend your expertise to media houses or advertising companies. It is expected that jobs in the animation sector are going to grow by 26% annually! Thus if you have made up your mind to go for this career right now, you are still there!



Sukant is a career Counselor and advises students on making choices relating to their career. He can be contacted at sukant@oriyaonline.com. Please visit education.oriyaonline.com for more information on career opportunities and feel free to leave your comments.


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