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September 22, 2014

Christian Werthmann – Metropolis Non-Formal, 10 things designers need to work on

Christian Werthmann from Leibniz University Hannover summarizes his international experience of nonformal urbanism into 10 points aimed to act as a guideline…
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Link to creator of the girl with the puffballs: AsiaShaMecca: http://issuu.com/sf_magazine Here is some more details and information about The Sims 4 (Full V…
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18 Responses

  1. UN-Habitat worldwide
  2. Summer Taher

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the Info Mollie! I absolutley L-O-V-E *love*
    The pigtails and clothing!!! It’s so adorable! And would it be okay if i
    sent you a friend request on The Sims 3? If so, what’s your Sims 3 name?
    Love you! <3

  3. Maureen DeJay

    Do will we receive The Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo for free in this month?
    Please answer this, because I really want to know if that is true.

  4. Simplyally

    Can you move curtains up and down?

  5. Amiah Blackwell

    If we already have the demo when the full game comes will it automaticly go
    to full game or will you have to buy it also old do more elsa frost and
    jack frost

  6. Shera Owens

    I want to follow you on the gallery for Sims 4, but how do I find you??? I
    can’t figure that thing out just yet. LOL

  7. Simplyally

    Is the sims 3 on the sims 4 tvs?

  8. Valeria Germanotta

    So there really won’t be any toddlers? :/ Will there be pools?

  9. Gamer Hall

    Will They Make It On Xbox ? And I Heared We Won’t Have Swimming Pools, Is
    That True?

  10. Sylvie King

    will you have to get the sims 4 university and stuff like that or is it
    all together??

  11. SweetBubblyGum

    When a child ages up, will you be able to change the aspiration? And same
    with teenagers into adults?

  12. Leora R

    Will we ever be able to create a world? Did you talk about careers?

  13. austinallensmith

    What’s your name on the gallery

  14. Gwyds Evans

    Are the lots like The Sims 2 where you’re on one lot or can you go from one
    lot to another without loading screens?

  15. TheFaceOfComEdy

    Was there a male Afro?

  16. MATT COB

    Are there ghosts in the Sims 4?

  17. Aluri Card

    I’m so relieved to hear that the kids have better clothes. That’s gonna be
    so awesome. :)

  18. TheGirlySimmer

    Will they make it for ps3?..

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