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March 29, 2018

Common photo loss events and photo recovery

Have you lost a bunch of preserved digital photographs to accidental deletion or memory card corruption? Though, digital photos are easy to click and share, they have some really frustrating issues associated with them. Corruption, accidental deletion, files system damage, virus attacks are some of the causes which lead to data loss. However, the good news is that you can recover lost or deleted photos, even if you do not have a backup. Your memorable moments can be brought back to life with the help of specialized data recovery tools. This article gives you a detailed description of events which lead to data loss whilst making you familiar with a two-step approach towards photo recovery.

Reasons behind data loss are mostly common and do not apply to a particular brand or model of digital camera. Since all digital cameras use memory cards, the causes more or less revolve around their improper handling and human errors. Here is a list of instances which contribute to most of the photo loss events:

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If you remove the memory card from the camera when it is writing a photo.
If you use the memory card between digital cameras or other devices
If you accidentally switch off the camera while the transfer or write process is on
If you accidentally format the memory card
If you pull out the memory card while the camera is still on

If you encounter a photo loss situation due to any of the above-mentioned or other causes, you can easily perform photo recovery by following these two steps:

Do not use the memory card: If you want to recover photos successfully, make sure you do not use the memory card and store any new data onto it. If you store new photos or anything, the deleted or lost files would get overwritten. In such cases, it is not feasible to recover photos.
Download a recovery software: Search a good third-party photo recovery software from the Internet which incorporates a user-friendly interface. Also, do ensure that the selected software is read-only in nature and compatible with your digital camera.

For recovering lost or deleted photos, including RAW files, you must consider using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. The application not only recovers photos but audios and videos as well, irrespective of the data loss scenario and type of digital camera. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this photo recovery software supports recovery from all storage media including memory cards, memory sticks, digital cameras, USB flash drives, hard drives and various other removable media.

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