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December 1, 2014

Digital Asset Management Developer NetXposure Releases Version 6.0 of Enterprise DAM Software

Portland, OR (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

NetXposure, a leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced updates to the company’s DAM platform. NetXposure 6.0 incorporates a wide range of new features, including automated QR Code generation, Flickr, WordPress and YouTube integration, and enhanced integration with Adobe® InDesign and Flash Media Server.

“The proliferation of video and digital images in recent years has completely changed everyday processes in most organizations,” said Jason Wehling, CEO of NetXposure. “Many organizations are struggling to keep pace as the digital workflow involved in a simple marketing campaign has changed dramatically. NetXposure has an advantage in that we’ve been managing digital assets for over 15 years and are focused on providing the most comprehensive and robust solutions that make our customers’ jobs

easier. ”

NetXposure delivers enterprise DAM solutions that integrate with virtually any application or system including enterprise content management (ECM), web content management (CMS), mobile platforms, Product Information Management (PIM) and industry-specific applications for education, retail, museum and creative services, and brand management. Built on an extensible open-standards architecture to deliver a wide range of advanced services, NetXposure 6 is an ideal DAM solution for corporate brand assets, as well as specialized DAM for initiatives such as e-commerce, publishing and printing, product and content lifecycle management, and e-learning.

New features and capabilities of NetXposure 6 include:

• Enhanced integration with Adobe® InDesign to enable users to search and place images directly into InDesign Pages from NetXposure’s improved CS Workflow app, and detect and record linked assets and metadata within the within the INDD files to make production of repeat or large project easier.

• Automated QR code generation for individual assets within the Netxposure DAM to support targeted QR marketing deployments.

• Expanded integration with social media and blogging platforms including one-click publishing from within NetXposure to Flickr, YouTube and WordPress. Enhanced integration with WordPress allows users to manage their media library directly within the DAM application which supports proxy and caching functions for media managed locally through the WordPress and as well as media stored in the DAM.

• NetXposure IO is the latest member of add-on Adobe AIR-based apps for performing specific functions when interacting with the DAM. NetXposure IO allows users to sync local folders with categories in the DAM, making the DAM easier to use — making the DAM less visible to your users.

• Enhanced REST Interface to allow for full interaction with the DAM via standard data types such as JSON, XML, RSS and File.

• Team collaboration and workflow improvements including shared saved searches, public links with password protection, and upload approval workflows.

• Adobe InDesign Server speed and processing enhancements.

• Added transcoding engine support, including improvements to Equilibrium’s MediaRich and Telestream’s FlipFactory connectors. Additionally, NetXposure added the new Snowbound document and image processing engine.

• Flash Media Server integration for top-quality video delivery to multiple devices with reduced publishing complexity.

NetXposure 6 is available now. For more information on how to purchase or upgrade, or to view an online video demonstration of the new product capabilities, please visit http://www.netx.net.

About NetXposure NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute and market digital content. Founded in 1996, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Tokyo, Japan; Bangalore, India; and London, England. For more information on NetXposure’s products and services please visit our website: http://www.netx.net.

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