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April 9, 2018

Epson pp-100 Disc Publisher – One Solution to Multiple Problems

Most of business owners and high profile professionals generally complain about the poor performance of their existing disc publishing solutions. Reasons may be different but they suffer in many ways either because of poor prints or complex disc printing procedure. Within few years after its launch in the international market, Epson pp-100 disc publisher has established its global image of being dependable disc publisher. Professionals recommend it without any doubt. And, this referral business is the true award for the technical experts of Epson America, Inc., a US affiliate Seiko Epson Corp..

It is not easy to establish and sustain brand image within few years after the launch; therefore, Epson pp-100 disc publisher certainly has some unique features. Besides Epson’s advanced robotics and printing technologies there are many other features also that distinguish it from other options.

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AcuGrip™ technology lifts only single disk from the disc tray to print it with selected design. You have all the control over the ink output; it means you can optimize the cost of per print as per requirements. Ink sensors alert you about the ink level; so you never get dull printed or half printed disks. Experienced users claim that they get almost 1000 disc prints from single cartridge. Vibrant inkjet six-color printer delivers the prints with 1440×1440 dpi. Any of the cartridges can be refilled or replaced independently.

To enhance your printing freedom, you can download Total Disc Maker software. Total Disc Maker lets you compile the data, configure the production process and to create the labels through single easy-to-use application. It displays the status of processes and devices. With the help of bridge tool, you can control applications.

Any kind of recordable media can be used but if you use Taiyo Yuden Watershield, you yourself would be stunned to see amazing prints. It is compatible with almost all the popular operating systems like Win 7, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2008 2008/2003/ R2/R22003. The complete installation can be done by self even in less than 10 minutes.

Though many other rival products also claim for having few similar facilities but there is hardly anyone that offers all the features Epson pp-100 disc publisher has. The other reason for winning the support and confidence of quality conscious worldwide experienced professionals is the reliable after sales service. You get instant after sales support online and offline irrespective to your location. Epson ExpressCareSM and Spare-In-The-Air like after sales program further ensure the first time buyers that they are investing for dependable product. The best way to check the claims is to take the live demo at the nearest outlet or online; all the no obligation assistance is provided- absolutely free.

After graduating in electronics seven years ago, Nathan decided to get into the field of electronics. His expertise and knowledge of the latest electronic goods have made him a trusted and reliable name among people as far as seeking expert opinion before buying products such as epson discproducer pp-100 and epson pp-100 etc. is concerned.

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