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February 5, 2015

Fabulous Photo Book Ideas

Collating a photo album to give as a gift has been a time honoured tradition since photography became popular back in the early 1900s. Every house is full of photo books which chart history and are a pictorial representation of the family tree. Now that digital photography has replaced using film, and we are all happy snappers, it is possible to create albums for just about any occasion. Here are some excellent ideas for creating a photo book.

The perfect wedding present for a couple is a photo book that includes their life right up to the wedding day. Gather together any images you can from family and friends including images from when the bride and groom to be were children. It is obligatory that some of those most embarrassing photos of bath times as babies are included too! Dedicate a section to the day they met and if possible the night that one proposed to the other. The photo book should culminate in a collection of pictures of both the hen night and the stag night, just as long as it isn’t likely to start divorce proceedings on the wedding day!

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The moment that a new baby comes into a family, all cameras are at the ready to try and capture that first smile, the first laugh and the first unaided steps. Out of the hundreds of pictures that are taken by aunties, uncles and grandparents, it is possible to create a bumper photo book that will be a treasured item for the parents and for the child as it grows.

When somebody moves away, whether it is to relocate for a job, go to university or to go travelling, it can be a difficult time as they miss family and friends. As a leaving gift make a photo book keepsake for them to take with them. Ask all their friends and family members to create a page each, with a few selected photos that are reminders of good times. As it is possible to add text to online digital photo books, add a brief note, maybe a fond farewell, or a reminder of a favourite time.

There are literally hundreds of reasons to compile a photo book; maybe you want to create a collection of some of your best photos or put together an art portfolio. Whatever your reasons for making an album, let your imagination run as free as your photography skills.

Dom Donaldson is a photography expert.
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