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July 27, 2014

Facebook App Changes Will Be Good for Business

(PRWEB) June 27, 2014

Facebook announced last week that users will see less “automatic” posts from their friends’ apps. Social media expert and internet marketer Denae Olberding of EverSpark Interactive says the move won’t just please users, it will also boost the bottom line.

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The posts in question include achievements on games or announcements that a user has just added new songs to their Spotify playlist, according to CNN (retrieved 06.08.2014). Facebook says that these automated posts get low engagement and many users don’t like them.

The automated posts won’t disappear altogether, but they’re now downplayed in Facebook’s algorithm so users won’t see them as often.

“Any change that makes customers happier is good for business in the long run,” said Olberding, “But for Facebook, the true customers are their advertisers. And this change serves them, too.”

According to Olberding, only so many updates can receive top priority on Facebook. If automatic posts are highly visible, they’re competing with the intentional posts of pages that are paying advertisers.

“We’ve seen a lot of Facebook advertisers complain because their non-promoted posts reach less and less people,” she said. “The posts they pay to promote are still visible, but their other content has diminishing returns.”

Thus, nixing automatic updates from apps will not only make individual users happy but also free up more visibility for content from pages.

Facebook also encouraged app developers to downplay the use of automatic posts in the first place, in favor of posts that require action from the user. Facebook’s own photo-sharing app, Instagram, led the way by cutting automatic posts last week.

“It’s going to make everyone’s newsfeed a little more pleasant,” Olberding said. “And it might also up the value of Facebook real estate for advertisers.”

About EverSpark:

EverSpark Interactive is an all-in-one SEO, internet marketing and digital media firm that specializes in gripping, keyword-optimized content. From sales pages to company blogs, PR blurbs to high-quality videos and social media posts, EverSpark’s content always gets attention—from both search engines and live customers. The company can be reached at (770) 481-1766 or http://www.eversparkinteractive.com.

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