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November 2, 2014

Ford Sony Stereo – Phone Bluetooth Not Working? HELP?!

Bluetooth Not Working.. Supposed to go through the menu but bluetooth option doesn’t exist, Ford are asking £200 for evaluation only.. I think I’ll keep the …

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Here’s the sheet music as requested by many of you. You can also download this at the thesleepypianist.blogspot.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses

  1. Nicolas Gualtieri

    Pudiste resolverlo?

  2. rainoise

    sorry for my wrong English, I have the same problem. have you solved? I
    also read that you have to reset the module, disconnecting the battery, but
    after this, the radio ask for the code? I Not have The code of The radio

  3. robertolekki

    @supermacedonianking ah quindi sarebbero il volume AUX!!! , grazie mille!!!

  4. Rb5vega

    Bluetooth module above the glove box needs resetting

  5. will gates

    seems to be a fault of the vocal module. Read about on the net. If the
    module is not linked to the car stereo, or is faulty, the “phone” key will
    become an ATT key…


    @robertolekki che è semplice, quello che dovete fare è passare attraverso
    le impostazioni, il tono ‘, penso che sia per la radio e lettore CD / AUX
    Spero che questo aiuti!


    @bennypalermo83 Ciao, Sì, ho fatto questo video per mostrare un forum che
    il bluetooth non funziona (si suppone che quando lo si preme come ho fatto
    io), Ford ha detto sia il modulo deve essere resettato o un nuovo modulo è
    necessario, sarebbe costato fra £ 100-350 (113-400 €), un archivio privato
    audio mi ha detto che non è mai stato montato, in primo luogo ..

  8. rainoise

    hello, I have just solved the problem. I bought the security code on ebay
    for three euro and after I disconnected the battery. Now usb, bluetooth and
    voice control work very well. yeahhhh :)

  9. Joanna Paul

    Can you tell me how to find the same in Ebay?

  10. robertolekki

    ciao senti io ho una focus con questo identico stereo solo che io non ho il
    problema del bluetooth ma vorrei sapere come fare per aumentare i bassi
    sonori non è che tu per caso sai come fare??? … grazie!!! =)


    Your English is fine.. Unfortunately I haven’t yet solved the problem and
    have done nothing to look into it.. I’m not sure that disconnecting the
    battery would do the job but won’t know until I’ve tried.. eventually..

  12. Edgar Schwartz

    Tengo el mismo problema, en la Ford me dijeron que el carro no trae
    Bluetooth que tengo que ponerle un Parrot, pero no les creo la verdad. Si
    hayan solución me avisan 😛


    Hi.. I havn’t got it fixed and given up.. I have no need for it anymore as
    the S4 has a pretty good driving mode that beats the stereos.. Ford were
    asking for £80 to check the console module and £300 to replace it if it is
    bugged.. let me know how it goes..

  14. Kevin Woodbine

    I have the same thing happening to my radio. Did you manage to get this
    fixed, if so how did you do it? Thanks

  15. JDREADD08

    lmao i just done the button bash no bluetooth but wen buttons pressed it
    mutes phone ? wot phone

  16. bennypalermo83

    Ciao…Ho lo stesso stereo su una ford fiesta 2008..Quando premo “Phone” il
    display visualizza “Audio muted” significa che non ha il Bluetooth?

  17. bennypalermo83

    Ok…..ho capito…quindi sicuramente non sara stato montato
    dall’inizio….Certo sarà utile questa funzione,ma spendere tutti questi
    euro????sinceramente è una pazzia….Con quel prezzo si compra un lettore
    dvd 2din !!!!Ciao e grazie per la risposta…..

  18. giovannirios81

    8:17 pm on the stereo.


    Thanks for that.. where can I locate it? Is it available on all models? I
    was led to believe only certain models had the feature?

  20. rainoise

    Yesterday I disconnected the battery and now the radio asks me the security
    code. a ford seller told me to go to an authorized dealer and there will
    give me the code for free

  21. Anderson Patricio

    oque fazer para resolver isso no radio, pois o meu esta a mesma coisa

  22. David Martinez

    Hola a mi pasa lo mimo y la SOLUCION: 1º Intertar un hard reset a tu
    bateria quitar boner + durante mas de 2 min, poner de nuevo el codigo de la
    radio y probar si funciona ya esta.
    2º No funciona tienes ir a un concesionario Ford y que reinstalen SRM y el
    ACM, el Firmware esta corrupto. no queda otra ir al concesionario.
    3º No funiona V2C K.O. Comprar un v2c.

  23. Jose m. Gallart

    solucion: desconectar un borne de la bateria y volverlo a conectar y
    insertar el codigo de la radio :)

  24. skynox10310

    Good sightreading music :3

  25. Dell0304 (Inactive)

    @alfieandjoshie I found it out by myself. =)

  26. Scrippy Chicken


  27. Dell0304 (Inactive)

    omg……..I cant read music anymore……….could you give me the note
    names, just the basic ones needed to make it sound right (a,b,e,d,etc.)

  28. Zach Kanipe

    C & C hit at the same time and then its C, C, E, C

  29. dananthojavi

    @alfieandjoshie plz do the a,b,c,thing for all of them. plz thx

  30. Joshua Carter

    @Dell0304 Tell Me Which Ones You Want.

  31. moneybee123

    Can someone give me the note names for the atat ring tone plz. I just need
    the basics like (a,b,c,d,e,f, etc.)

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