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November 19, 2014

Full Sail University 2D Animation FlipBook

My flip book for 2DA at Full Sail University in the Game Art Degree Program. A tank that gets defeated by a pokeball.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Check out this fantastic animated short by the talented team at Flipbook Studio! So here it is…our own short animated film that we’ve been working on in-be…

18 Responses

  1. Weird Sketches


  2. BeastlyRig

    wow nice!

  3. Cedric Scorch

    Out from the bed lies a crooked man,
    Whose face was scarred in evil plan.
    It leaps on bed and harvest a child,
    And reap the shadow, quiet and mild.
    Leave the light to banish its sight,
    For darkness consumes with a lasting bite.
    To this today you leave an impression,
    Of lifeless, desolate and rotten expression.

  4. Paul Rissler

    A very creepy animation that puts it’s own spin on the bogeyman

  5. Lazy Spark

    Inaccurate. If Lord of the Rings has taught me anything its that a frying
    pan should have been a much more effective weapon.

  6. Alexander Whitman


  7. Madison TB

    1:10 “I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, why don’t you have a seat?”

  8. edosgirl

    I wasn’t going to sleep anyways.

  9. Saber Wolf

    That legitimately creeped me out. Taps right into my fears; you know, the
    kind you get when everything’s just a little to dark and quiet, and you can
    hear them scuffing between the walls, spying on you, waiting to strike?

  10. MikoyCreator

    Eh I wasn’t going to sleep anyway *hugs teddy*

  11. kaili james

    A very creepy animation that puts it’s own spin on the bogeyman

  12. Elizabeth Archer

    I may be being too literal but I saw this as a metaphor for child and
    spousal abuse and she (the mother) trying to get out before it was too late
    but failed in that her son was now going to grow up either brain damaged or
    just like his dad.

  13. takeshi hiraoka

    Nice and creepy. Scary, too. Just wish there was more. Loved the ending.

  14. Jack Pfister

    Was about to watch this at 1:37 AM, got to 0:56 and was just like “Nope”

  15. imronny dark

    wow! X_x

  16. Xtremegaming54

    Frying pans who knew right?

  17. BeautifulDarkness

    Omg I thought that it was going to be a happy ending, I dont know what to
    do with this now that I’ve seen it… Well time to pass it on to the next

  18. Владимир Калашников

    Мда… Вот с таким будет сложно!

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