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April 24, 2018

Green Publishing Goes Global

Proving that a business can provide high-quality international work without leaving the office, Melbourne-based Green Publishing recently designed, printed and distributed conference material for Belgian company, The FIDI Global Alliance. ‘We were delighted with their service, including the quality and delivery of our publications,’ said Marina Govaert, Marketing Director of FIDI.

When FIDI decided to hold their 59th annual conference in Australia, they quickly realised it made no sense to have the material produced in Belgium and then freighted the long distance to Australia. The cost, not to mention the carbon emissions, would have been exorbitant. So Green Publishing stepped in with the solution by providing a one-stop shop in the location of their conference. Steve Brendish, MD of Green Publishing says: ‘We see ourselves as a sustainable company with a global outlook. If you are holding a conference in Melbourne then it is more sustainable and economical to use a company based locally, but with international knowledge.’

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Green Publishing are experts in print production, graphics and web design using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. They can provide expert advice on forest-friendly paper selection, non-toxic printing processes, and producing sustainable, well-designed communications. Green Publishing also specialises in e-newsletters and e-book creation for large and small publishing companies.

FIDI is a global alliance of international removal companies that decided to celebrate their 60th anniversary in the business with an event in Melbourne. The conference had over 650 delegates at Crown Towers in April 2010. Green Publishing was responsible for designing, typesetting and print managing a complete suite of conference publications. This was a big job, with high expectations, that needed a quick turnaround.

Working with a client on the other side of the world didn’t mean there was little interaction or the process was longer. On the contrary, the time difference worked to everyone’s benefit as feedback occurred overnight from Australia and was waiting for FIDI staff the next morning when they arrived at work in Brussels. Marina from FIDI says:  ‘When we received last minute changes from advertisers, or changes to the itinerary, Green Publishing were always available, no matter what time of day (or night!) in Australia.’ In addition, using Skype meant that they could discuss any urgent changes on video conference calls without expense or even needing to leave their desks.

This truly is the 21st century method of conducting business – speedy, sustainable and highly efficient. Carbon emissions and paper waste were minimised, with soft proofs delivered via FTP and viewed online. The publications were all printed on Forest Stewardship Council accredited paper within Melbourne and delivered directly to the conference venue.

When holding a conference away from your home city, either interstate or internationally, it makes business and environmental sense to use a local player to produce your publications. Wherever you are in the world, Green Publishing can provide design, print production, web design and even e-book services. ‘We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other companies looking for a professional graphic design, typesetting and printing service,’ says Marina from FIDI.

by Angela Crocombe

Angela Crocombe is a journalist who specialises in writing about environmental sustainability and ethical living.

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