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December 28, 2014

Hot Kitchen Deign for 2013


Since the dawn of time (or at least since people have been able to build homes), the kitchen has been the heart of every home. Nowadays, its functions might have altered a little bit but it is still the place for all family members to gather, dine, work, chat and, naturally, cook. If 25 years ago the kitchen was viewed as a natural extension to a room, today, it has become THE GREAT ROOM! It is only natural to ask ourselves how to freshen up the place, so that it reflects the changes in functionality of the new age.

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What is Hot in Kitchen Design for 2013?

Comfort and practicality will be the leading terms when speaking of kitchen design. No longer will the home owners go for fancy kitchens that look swanky and shiny, yet no one feels at ease in them. The kitchens straight out of the covers of magazines will make way to more homey, a tad messy spaces where everyone feels at ease, free to spill some coffee, let the dog lie in their feet, wreck havoc when cooking and etc.

Since space is becoming more of an issue, every inch in the kitchen must be used to its maximum capacity. Practicality, however, is by far not boring, on the contrary, it gives the interior designers or home owners a perfect excuse to come up with crazy, yet functional storage solutions that will take you breath away. In urban surroundings, for instance, unpleasant view, straight into the neighbour’s living room is not something unusual, so using stained glass windows to mask the sight, and still let the daylight in is a very popular approach. According to my favourite cleaners in Kensington, these windows are not only practical, but they are extremely easy to keep clean. Dirt simply doesn’t pop up as much!

Kitchens and entertaining spaces are merging to create the ultimate living space. Especially in old homes where formal dining rooms are rarely used, the walls separating them from the kitchens are coming down. In addition, electrical outlets are becoming a vital, inseparable, part of the kitchen interior. In the past, appliances in kitchen were limited to a fridge, oven and as of lately a microwave. Today, there are so many devices in the kitchen that one can’t even begin to describe them from coffee makers trough kettles to even TVs. Needless to say Wi-Fi is a must as well as enough outlets to charge iPhones, laptops and many other gadgets.

What About Colour Palettes in the Kitchen?

Just like in other parts of the home, in 2013 you shouldn’t bet on bold, bright colours. While in the previous years whites and dark tones ruled the world of kitchen design, this year’s colour palette is full of surprises. Neutral, calming hues are the right choice, so try yellow (lemon sorbet for example is considered particularly chic), chilli red, emerald green and aloe. Nevertheless, contrast of colours is a must. Forget all about the monochromatic colour schemes, and dive in head first into the world of opposing colours and dazzling combinations between shimmering and dead matte textures.

Why the sudden turn? It is all due to the change of pace in gender equality. Since men seem to spend more time at home, and even in the kitchen, they surely would like to have the say when decorating the space. As a result, we have more functional, less flashy, and definitely less “feminine” décor.  

Megan Steel is  a real estate agent. She values good interior design, and tries to keep up to date with the latest trends. She often works with experts from Cleaners Kensington to ensure that the properties she sells not only look good but are also cleaned up to the highest industry standarts.

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