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November 16, 2014

How I became a model, and how you can become one too!

You can be a model no matter what your weight or height is! I am only 4’9! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. slideshow with some previous photo shoot pic…
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Here Billie-May demonstrates how to make the bling flower center by using wire if you don’t want to use the hot glue method like what I use :) Freestyle Craf…
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33 Responses

  1. HarroweD

    How to get in to modeling:
    Step 1: Be incredibly attractive.
    Step 2: Model.

  2. Monet Jones

    oh my goodness I loveee your energy!! And you’re gorgeous!! You’ve
    definitely inspired me to continue to make this modeling dream a reality
    becasue I definitely thought it was a lost cause since im only 5 feet lol
    but you’re even shorter than me! love it!! <3 so thank you sooo much :)

  3. Nakeista Hays

    Noticed you were wearing a kentucky jersey. Is that we’re you’re from?
    That’s where I live. 

  4. ImNotAGinger

    y u so pretty

  5. Yazmine Hazel

    You are so nice and down to earth!!(: you’re not like some girls around
    here that once they get the spotlight they become all stuck up and think
    they’re too good or better than anyone.

  6. Razuu

    What’s the song used in the background? :))

  7. El Diablo Rojo

    what is the song used in this video?

  8. missmuffingurl

    money is actually made of cotton :P

  9. Taryn Tragedyy

    Your photos always turn out so stunning Tabby!

  10. BreeAnn Barbie

    She’s 1000% right. I’m not a model but there are a TON of creeps. I’ve been
    contacted at least 7 times and each one wanted me to go to different
    states, do things I wasn’t comfortable with, or wanted money, come alone,
    etc.. So be careful and really research them and bring someone. They think
    girls are so desperate to model that they’ll do whatever it takes to have a
    photo shoot, make sure you use your head and think about safety. I have yet
    to come in contact with a real, professional photographer. Your pictures
    are beautiful Tabs. <3

  11. Bubble-a-boo Boyer

    But it’s expensive.

  12. Liv n

    So adorable c:

  13. indesisivelove

    youre perfect <3 jealous 

  14. CreaBoetiek

    Is this an old one? Otherwise welcome back dear billy may . If its an old
    one, We miss you and your sister! 

  15. dottygin


  16. anne marks

    Fantastic demo thank you Billie May :)

  17. ukdollydee

    fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I followed this tut and made some :) THANKS Billie-May

  18. Tonniece A

    Hugz Tonniece

  19. Nicki Suthers

    Lovely tutorial Billie May, well done :)

  20. Cindi Wells

    Billie May thank you for sharing, you are a natural teacher

  21. Penny Humphreys

    Sweet,good very good job,wish l had had a nana like you,oh well be the best
    I can to my two.bless.thankyou Billie-May,:)♡

  22. Rachel B

    Great job Billy May you are a very talent Girl

  23. CraftyAuntNan

    Great job Bille May. I’m going to try these myself! 

  24. Lynda Dexter Interlaced

    Awwweee she is sooo cute! I loved the “pink make the boys wink” that
    cracked me up. Is this your granddaughter? You need to have her do a few
    more vids she is a natural. Hugz~Lynda

  25. catrien100

    Knap hoor ,Leuk gemaakt!! gr Catrien

  26. Jonna scheffer

    Thank you so much B-M. I will be teaching my little girl this.

  27. marilyn turner

    Ur wonderful with her, she is like her grandmother very creative :)

  28. Linda Graham

    u have a very sweet beautiful granddaughter she is very talented ,creative
    and she has a sweet voice keep up crinilove your videos very welcome backi
    miss u very much

  29. Deanne Jollota

    my first time meeting billy may..she is a chip of the ole block :O)
    you must be so proud!

  30. Ann Marie

    Wonderful tutorial Billie – May! You’re so fun to watch, and I’m definitely
    going to try these. Thanks so much for teaching us how to make them honey!
    I’d love to see you and your sister do more video’s!
    Fi, I can see now why you say this kind of talent is genetic! And you’re
    really terrific with them :) By the way, do your grandsons also craft?

  31. Ann Littler

    Wow so clever, how old did you say you were…..38…..is that right? Hehe
    I know your eight, but I don’t know a lot of eight year olds as clever at
    crafting as you, I have an eight year old niece but she lives in Scotland
    and I’m in England or I would get her crafting with you. You keep on
    crafting honey your great at it hugs xxxAnnxxx

  32. Mutley D

    Billie May what a fantastic demonstration. You couldn’t have done a better
    job it was so easy to follow. Because of you Billie May I’m going to try
    this. Please please do more tutorials for us sweetheart you would make a
    wonderful YouTube demonstrator. With your talent and confidence. I am now
    officially a Billie May fan. Thanks Fi for letting us see your wonderful
    talented granddaughter. Crafting hugs Bridget 

  33. Pammie Cadwallader

    well done Billie Mae! this is sooooo much easier than using the glue gun!!
    luv and hugs Pammie x x x 

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