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September 29, 2014

How to Create a Photo Flipbook

I Need Your Help: http://vid.io/x6R (Please Support) http://geeks.pirillo.com – http://live.pirillo.com – If you were to take a picture of yourself today and…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Josh Leffew


  2. uberiballo

    Wow he looks bit skinny

  3. lledgarll

    take a break man…

  4. TheTerminatorT101

    Yea it kinda gets a bit boring lol -_-

  5. Jordan Woitinnek

    ur a nerd

  6. mmartinez186

    went on and on about ugly people…info couldve been reduced to 5 sec

  7. Mids14

    chris is so not ugly! even he was it wouldn’t matter we would still love

  8. jakob6131

    go to : resteal(dot)it(dot)tt

  9. creaturex

    i would be so depressed if i looked at the album after some years. i’d be
    like **** i’m really old now!!

  10. djphonehome

    dude youve gotten a lil skinny. are u ok?

  11. kyleman1313

    he is one of the head editors for C net, he pulls in a descent amount of
    money each year. correct me if I’m wrong.

  12. Rui Vieira

    Chris Pirillo – The einstein of Computing!!!

  13. kornleash33

    umm dude this ugly stuff you talk about is wrong i knew some one in 5th
    grade ugly ass hell now in 9th she is very attractive so fuck you man…

  14. TutorialConr

    Thats why he’s a YouTube partner, ads ads and adddddddds

  15. georgef35

    let me ask you a question chris are you ugly? I think so

  16. MRnightmear

    photo fun wooo!

  17. HangerProductions

    wow not really… He is extremely good at building communities and that is
    his true talent, but there are many people who exceed chris greatly in
    computing. I’m sorry that I am ass. 😛

  18. hamoda100

    all what i can say about this video iss LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL =p

  19. kyleman1313

    duh! thats a given.

  20. TheTarrMan

    dont call me ugly YOU!!!

  21. Gredran


  22. skierplaterandy

    that site isnt good. the fact that its all different lighting and stuff
    makes it look bad

  23. DayLight95

    Great vid :)

  24. KlasicKumputerz


  25. vincent6665316

    why is their a chatroom below the screen in pretty much all of his videos?

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