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April 24, 2018

How to Have a Happier, Healthier Digestive Tract

Did you know that some recent studies have shown that your digestive tract produces half of the immune system cells that you use to fend off infections?  And that it also produces 90% of the serotonin needed to keep your mood on an even keel?  Here are a few tips to help keep your intestinal tract in great condition.

Drink tea daily.  Inflammation in your digestive tract can squelch your intestines’ ability to manufacture immune system cells and modd-boosting serotonin.  Tea, black, green or oolong, can help boost your levels of inflammation-taming antioxidants by 200% as well as cut your risk of intestinal damage as much as 50%.  The recommended dosage is three cups of tea daily.
Ease up on aspirin.  Some recent research shows that keeping your aspiring intake low can cut your risk of intestinal inflammation, bleeding and even Chron’s disease.  Try to cut down your intake of aspiring to nor more than a few times weekly.  You can reduce your reliance on painkillers such as aspirin by taking a daily 2,000 mg. of MSM supplement instead.  MSM blocks pain signals, boosts blood flow to injured tissues, shuts down muscle spasms and reduces inflammation. 
Consume olive oil.  Olive oil is known as a healthy fat and it has been shown that cooking with olive oil can help prevent 90% of cases of ulcerative colitis–a painful condition that’s one of the most rapidly rising digestive problems in the United States.  Olive oil contains oleic acid which helps reduce inflammation in the bowels. 
Relax to avoid indigestion.  Indigestion can trigger pain, gas, bloating and nausea.  It can also sabotage your body’s ability to absorb essential minerals and vitamins.  Researchers say that relaxing for five minutes before meals can prevent flare-ups for 78% of of women. 
Exercise.  You can boost your digestive tract’s production of mood-boosting serotonin by participating in such low-key activities as gardening or walking your dog.  Researchers say that the most effective way to boost serotonin production is to combine sunlight with motion.  They recommend 20 minutes daily of an outdoor activity. 

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