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January 7, 2018

How To Insert A Login Form Into Your Joomla Website

1. This is pretty straightforward.Login to your Joomla website using /administrator/index.php.

2. Go to Extensions and scroll down until you come to Module Manager.Click on the Module Manager and then click on New which is located at the top right hand corner of your Joomla administration panel.

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3. You will now see a full list of modules on this page.Scroll down the list until you come to Login, and click on Login.You will now see all the different parameters for this module.

4.DETAILS : The first parameter is (a) TITLE : So name this Login.( Because thats what it is, a login form )
Next we have (b) SHOW TITLE : Tick the yes box. ( This is so viewers can read what the module is for )
Next we have (c) ENABLED : Make sure the yes box is ticked ( otherwise the module will not be visible to the public.
Next we have (d) POSITION : Try position it to the upper far left or upper far right becasue thats where most login forms are located.If you are unsure of where the module positions are go to Extensions and scroll down and click on Template Manager.Tick the box of the template that you are using and click on edit in the upper right hand corner.You will see PREVIEW in the upper right hand corner and by clicking on it it will reveal all the module positions which this template possesses.
Next we have (e) ORDER : Try make sure that its at the top of the order or in other words that it appears first for that module position.
Next we have (f) ACCESS LEVEL : Make sure PUBLIC is chosen ( Otherwise it will be invisible to the public )

5. MENU ASSIGNMENT : The parameters here refer to what pages you want the login form to appear on, and this will be dependent on what you are trying to do.Select all if you want the login form to appear on all of your web pages.

6. MODULE PARAMETERS : The only parameters of interest here are LOGIN REDIRECTION PAGE : You can choose the page you want your customers to land on when they login by selecting it from the dropdown menu, and LOGOUT REDIRECTION PAGE : The same principle applies to this page as above.Leave all the other parameters as they are.

7. We are nearly finished now and you will notice that a register for an account link is generated, as well as a lost password and forgot your username link.

8. Now go to GLOBAL CONFIGURATION within your Joomla administration panel, and click on SYSTEM.Go to USER SETTINGS and make sure that the following applies :(1) ALLOW USER REGISTRATION : Make sure the yes box is ticked.(2) NEW USER REGISTRATION TYPE : Make sure registered is chosen.(3) NEW USER ACCOUNT ACTIVATION : Make sure the yes box is ticked.You can leave all other parameters as they are and thats it you are finished.

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