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October 26, 2014

HP Laptop Series

HP that stands for Hewlett Packard Company has been working with computers since more than half a century now. Working since such a long time and being highly experienced in the field of computers, the quality of their products is undoubtedly excellent. Being the pioneer in the computer world, they have been working wonders with printers. While similarly, HP laptops have won hearts of people all around the world as they are durable, and come at affordable prices.

If you are looking for laptops at a reasonable price and of a high quality at the same time, you should definitely give a look to HP laptops. They are well engineered and their technologies have been developing and improving with time throughout the years.

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Apart from providing portability, laptops are preferred and liked by most people these days for a number of reasons. Most of the time, people use laptops for the same purposes like a desktop computer.  These may include watching movies, working on documents, listening and collecting hundreds of songs and gaming.

For instance, HP laptops have the feature of WiFi, which enables one to use internet outdoors, without the need of a wire. Also, rewriting DVDs in one’s own laptop is a feature that provides a lot of convenience and also saves up time and cash.

HP Compaq 6910p series are known as the pride of the company, as these have been successful in being better than laptops of other widely used and popular companies such as Dell. The reason why most people choose to buy HP laptops over others and why this series was particularly favored is that they are elegant, upgradeable and user friendly.

Another series of HP is that of Compaq Presario CQ20-200. This is considered to be the laptop with the highest selling records in the market even now. Its features include computing power which is sufficient for entertainment purposes, such as browsing the internet, playing games or working on documents.

Hp laptops are divided into four categories basically, which makes it easier for them to reach different targets and suit the needs of different people. These four categories consist of the following:

Firstly, versatile performance is the standard laptops are the ones that are easy to find at any retailer, and consists of a 15.4 inch screen with the weight being seven pounds. With a hard drive of 120-320 GB and Ram up to 4 GB, they also consist of WiFi and Bluetooth. The second category is mobility, which consists of laptops which are more or less similar to the previous ones. Their weight differs as they are of around 4.5 to 5 pounds.

Laptops which are designed in such a way so that they can be replaced to a desktop computer consist of the entertainment powerhouses. Their screens vary in sizes from 17 to 20 inches. They are generally more expensive than the other categories mentioned, and also come with hard drives of 120 GB to 640 GB. Lastly, special edition laptops offer an additional feature that is of special designs and elegant appearances, especially made for those who do not want to carry around a conventional, similar looking laptop like everyone else.

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