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December 18, 2014

HTC Sensation Still Outselling Closest Competitors

The introduction of high-end features into the mobile phone is something that started off with the HTC Desire HD in the HTC line-up, but it is a bit low on features when you compare it with a number of mobile phones that have been recently launched. Hence, HTC are planning to introduce the HTC Sensation at the top end of the spectrum in order to bring about a number of changes in the line-up and also from its competitors. The HTC Sensation is not expected to come with major changes in the design department, where it will be looking more or less similar to the HTC Desire HD.

It is, however, in the features department that the HTC Sensation really showcases its strength by coming with a 4.3 inch display. However, you might think that this is the same display that has already been seen in the HTC Desire HD, but it will be coming in the HTC Sensation with a new resolution that will be making all the difference. The phone is going to be offering 960 x 540 pixels when it comes to the resolution of this large touch screen display and this will be icebreaker with regard to the feature list in the new phone. The HTC Sensation is going to offer all the other features in the display department in a similar manner to the HTC Desire HD. It can be seen from the presence of the HTC Sense user interface, while also the Super LCD technology has been retained as well.

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It is the resolution that is going to make all the difference in this area and the HTC Sensation really shines in this department. The HTC Sensation will be offered with 4 GB worth of content space internally, while there is the option of adding up to 32 GB worth of extra memory using the micro-SD card support that is provided by the phone. The increased memory is certainly going to be used properly by the HTC Sensation due to the presence of a number of options in the phone. The HTC Sensation will be most importantly offering quite a lot of connectivity options that is going to make the phone not only connect to the Internet quite fast, but also to other devices as well. The HTC Sensation is going to offer any megapixel camera that is going to offer all the features that have already been seen in the HTC Desire HD, but will be coming with a few improvements here and there that will make the phone look even better in the final product.

The 1.2 GHz dual core processor is the major improvement in the new phone and it is going to make the Android operating system look very low in terms of the processor requirements. It is an extremely powerful processor and it is going to use the 768 MB of RAM that is available. The HTC Sensation will be launched in the UK by this year end.

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