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October 7, 2014

Ipad versus Kindle

Ipad is External Light, Kindle is internal Light!

Wondering what the statement refers to? It refers to the fact that ipad, despite being externally flashy and twinkling with LED is a little darker for you because it deviates you from the purpose. With tons of interesting applications, you are never able to focus on one thing. While Kindle is a little darker outside, with no flashy hardware yet with its millions of eBooks that you can easily read, it lights the eternal light of knowledge within you. Hence if you are a reader, I would suggest you to grab the ever friendly book reader called Kindle and I bet you will find yourself emotionally attached to it in a few days.

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Kindle is eye friendly while iPad is not!

Ipad is a smaller version of LCD, which is always stressful to eyes. And if you want to truly enjoy the pleasures of bedtime reading with no stress on your eyes, I would again recommend you to go for Kindle, as its e-ink screen is just like an imitation of print page, which will give you the happiness of reading entire books on a little thin gadget called Kindle.

The Irresistible appeal of Apple

No matter how easy, reliable and health friendly Kindle is, you simply can’t resist the ‘sex appeal’ of Apple! It’s cool and funky, where kindle will only provide you a library to delight yourself with reading, Apple’s ipad will open for you the door to whole new world of tech and fun, a companion with which you can watch movies, listen music, read, browse, play and so much more you can’t resist.

Ipad encapsulates LIFE!

If you truly want to enjoy a life-encapsulating experience, go for Apple’s ipad! Because Kindle is just a digital book, it meets a reader’s need in a very dull way, while apple goes beyond than just being a digital book! It gives you a slice of life, prettied up with the twinkle of technology. You can swipe through the pages on an ipad in a relaxing mood, while on kindle; you have to attentively click a button.

Watch out your budget!

Price is something, which makes kindle a better choice than ipad, but again ipad with all its functions and fancy appeal is worth its price. However, Kindle is reasonable along with its free 3G that saves you the headache of tariff and mobile operators. Plus, a battery life more than a week will just make you forget, it’s a tech gadget and not a virtual library.

Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s ipad! Choose your gadget wisely by keeping in mind your needs, demand and personality. If you are status conscious, who wants an extra oomph with his gadget, go grab the fancy ipad, but if education is your soul purpose, Kindle is the best choice for you. Plus the best place to buy them online is off course the shopping giant Amazon, where you can easily find discount Amazon coupons, available with different deals throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for, get your discount Amazon coupon and grab your heart’s gadget in affordable range at Amazon online store!

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