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IPR License Expands Licensing Opportunities for Self-Published Authors
April 1, 2015

IPR License Expands Licensing Opportunities for Self-Published Authors

IPR License self-published authors book rightsRelated: Tom Chalmers of IPR Licenseon Why Publishers Must Boost Investments in Rights Departments

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IPR License and Digi-Rights® announce promotional rights and licensing campaign for self-published authors

New service aimed at helping US-based self-published authors generate additional domestic and international rights and licensing sales

London England UK and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan USA – 31 March 2015 – IPR License, the global rights and licensing trading platform, and Digi-Rights® a global provider of Automated Rights Solutions, have announced the launch of a promotional campaign to help greater numbers of US-based self-published authors to showcase and monetise the rights they hold to their works.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of IPR License, commented: “Growing numbers of self-published authors are realising the value attached to their rights but the majority are still not fully monetising the available opportunities on a global scale. The US is a hot bed of self-publishing talent and this promotional campaign will utilise Digi-Rights® strong brand recognition among US publishers to enable even more self-published authors to connect with rights buyers on a global scale.”

“We are very pleased to partner with IPR License to broaden our rights management solutions and to enable Indie publishers and authors to access the same level of rights licensing and sales support that is available to larger publishers,” said Dick Stahl, Managing Director of Digi-Rights Direct LLC.

With over 458,500 self-published titles published in 2013*, the US market provides a huge opportunity for self-published authors to increase their income by sublicensing their book rights and discovering a new untapped source of royalties.

Digi-Rights® is offering IPR author memberships directly through www.authors-rights.com and through leading self-publishing partners as part of Digi-Rights® self-publishing packages, including: Copyright Protection, Rights Assessments, Rights Clearance and Rights Sales.

For more information, contact:
Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License
Tel No: 020 7448 5162 or tom.chalmers@iprlicense.com
Robert Kasher, Rights Industry Consultant for Digi-Rights
+1 971 227 5825 or rkasher@iviago.com

About IPR License (www.iprlicense.com)
IPR License is a platform for publishers, authors and literary agents to list and license literary rights. The platform offers the opportunity to monetize or find the best new content in a global marketplace. It also acts as a copyright hub making it easier to locate copyright holders to clear permission for use of their work.
About Digi-Rights® (www.digi-rights.com)

Digi-EXPress, LLC. is a global provider of consulting, systems development, and rights management services and technology to the publishing industry. The company’s technology is used to process hundreds of thousands of licensing transactions by leading publishers through its Digi-EXPress® Rights Management System…a patented suite of cloud-based software technologies and ‘best-practice’ processes that deliver automated rights clearance and permissions processing, digital asset relational database, and ‘real-time’ management oversight for team collaboration.

*Findings in a recent survey by Bowker® reveals that the number of self-published titles in 2013 increased to more than 458,564, up 17 percent over 2012 and 437 percent over 2008.

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