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You have to use this free Flip Book Generator
October 5, 2014

You have to use this free Flip Book Generator

Yumpu.com and its flip book generator is easily one of the most dynamic and versatile publishing sites on the web. As a writer, I understand the importance of creating quality content that is highly relevant to the audience I am attempting to reach. What had to learn early on is that quality content is not enough. The manner in which the internet has expanded its reach has completely changed the way that businesses have to engage their customer base. I learned quickly that I could create exceptional content with remarkable quality and relevance, but if the presentation was subpar, the chances are that not many people would even take the time to read it to even notice the depth of the content.

Finding the Right Publisher

Understanding the need for a publishing platform that would allow me to publish my content in a format that would be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, I began my search. Unfortunately, there are multitudinous online publishing platforms that promise remarkable results, but there are very few who deliver.

After a significant amount of effort and research, I came across Yumpu.com and their flip book technology, and I have been more than pleased with the incredible results I have received on a consistent basis. Yumpu.com and their remarkably intuitive publishing platform have single-handedly changed my workflow for publishing and embedding my content on my site.

What is Yumpu.com?

It is a brilliant free ePaper publishing platform that allows the user to upload any PDF document and convert it into an aesthetically pleasing flip magazine. The Yumpu.com flip book generator is nothing short of amazing. You don’t have to have advanced programming knowledge to use the system. In fact, the novice will be able to engage their easy to use the flip book generator interface and upload and convert their PDF into a flip book magazine in well under two minutes.

Flip Book Generator

There were a number of things that impressed about this service; however, the thing that I became most enamored with was the flip book technology. Earlier I mentioned functionality and presentation. It is not only important to provide quality content to your followers or customers, but it is absolutely paramount that you package it with visual appeal and functionality. This means that it needs to be user friendly and it needs to look good. Well, everyone knows that those qualities are not strong suits of PDF files. PDF files are great for creating portable documents that have a certain level of security, but they are not always easy to navigate and read, and there is definitely nothing visually fascinating about them.

Using the flip book generator at Yumpu.com allowed me to create my content and format it into a PDF and then allow Yumpu.com to increase the visual allure and functionality of the document.

Easy Reading and Browsing

The flip book generator technology offered by this service makes reading and browsing your documents easy and fun. The pages in the flip book immolate the sounds and movement of a paper page when it is turned in a book. For the avid book reader who likes the convenience of an eReader, but may miss the many elements associated with reading a hard copy, the flip book feature will help ease the transition.

You are also able to toggle back and forth between one or two pages. There is a zoom feature that will allow the user to increase the font size for easier reading.

Here are just a few features that make Yumpu’s flip magazine so awesome:

  • Toggle between viewing one or two pages
  • You can choose to read the magazine in full screen mode
  • Preview all pages
  • Zoom in or out to change the size of the font and the page size
  • Flip through the pages in the same manner as flipping through a real magazine.

Sharing and Embedding

If the flip book generator technology was not enough, Yumpu.com also makes your new document easy to share. If you are like me, you will want to share your content over multiple mediums, such as a website, blog or social media page. It’s quick embed feature makes this service incalculably simple. Once you upload the PDF and the conversion process is completed, you will be given the option of selecting the embed code that was automatically generated. It is as simple as copying the embed code and pasting it on your site or social media page.

From the time that the PDF file was uploaded, you can literally have it posted on your site in under five minutes. The embed code is easily editable to allow you to be able to change the size of the embedded image. You can play with it until you find the perfect size.

If you are looking for an online publishing platform that comes with all the bells and whistles, you will definitely want to stop by sign up and get started today. Did I mention that it was free?






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