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May 15, 2015

Latest Flip Book Online News

Eurovision 2015: This Year's 5 Best (And 2 Worst) Videos
Ah shit, he blocked me online! Oh well… In my last article, I said I thought Sweden and Belarus are gonna win, but that doesn't mean they have the best videos; no ma'am. With so many to choose from, my top five favorite videos cut through the clutter …
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'Gotham' Recap: Killing Them Slowly 'Under The Knife'
It's still early in this era of superhero dominance of TV, but in a world where second season orders are frequently assumed to be a lock (er, sorry Constantine), a lot of prep work can be done to make season finales spectacular. If that's the plan for …
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Baptist communicators present journalism awards, Christian Examiner's
… Creek Baptist Conference Center in Davis, Oklahoma, described as the largest youth encampment in North America. The complete list of 2015 award winners, along with partial judges' comments on grand prize winners may be viewed online as a flip book.
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