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Free online Html5 Canvas Page Flip Service
November 23, 2014

Free online Html5 Canvas Page Flip Service

Using Yumpu.com to create an html5 canvas page flip magazine has opened up an entirely different world for me. In the digital world of content generation, presentation plays an extremely vital role in ensuring that the content has the allure necessary to attract readers and viewers. As a content creator, I have always placed great emphasis on creating quality content that has a high relevancy factor. No matter what the primary reason for creating the content, quality is of the essence.


Yumpu fully supports HTML5!

What I learned soon after launching my first PR firm was that quality content alone will not be sufficient to receive maximum results. How the content is presented has a massive impact on the ability to attract readers and viewers. Visitors will never learn how relevant your content is to their needs if they are not enticed to click on the banner or open the file. Even after they have opened the file, they will need to be motivated to continue reading or watching. The manner in which you present this content will determine how efficacious your marketing strategy will be.

HTML5 Canvas Page Flip Technology

The program designers at Yumpu.com have made it immensely simple for users to create highly functional and aesthetically alluring content through their intuitive software program. Their flip book technology allows the average individual to upload their file and have it converted to a functional flip book.

Example HTML5 flipbook from Yumpu.com

One method of presentation that is gaining a great deal of traction in the area of presentation is html5 canvas page flip presentations. Using page flip technology has a number of different benefits associated with optimal presentation. Additionally, it makes engaging the content easy and fun.

As I learned quickly, dealing with html or html5 can become frustrating fast for the person who has limited programming skills and experience; however, I am not one to be deterred by a challenge, so I began searching for a viable alternative to using HTML coding language to build canvas page flip presentations. After a significant amount of research, I turned up Yumpu.com, and my job has been made so much easier.

The Benefits of HTML5 Canvas Page Flip Presentations

check-mark-2-512There are multitudinous benefits to using flip page technology beyond the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing. Some additional benefits of html5 canvas page flip technology are:

  • The display is vivid and nearly perfect, providing the ideal visual impact that you are looking for with your content.
  • You can easily edit the presentation to create a highly customized final product
  • The presentation is highly responsive, which is paramount to creating the ideal user experience
  • The branding potential is extraordinary, allowing for the multiple displays of brands and unique fonts

What I discovered with this service is that I could have all of the benefits of using html5 canvas page flip designs without all of the hassles of having to write the coding.

Upload and Convert

uploadThis is where it becomes fun. Instead of wrestling with all of the coding language necessary to create a page flip presentation, I simply create the initial presentation in an easy to manipulate editor, such as Word, and then when I am done I export the document to a PDF format, locking in the formatting. Now, this is where the exceptional online software program at Yumpu.com takes over. All I have to do is upload the PDF document that I created, and the conversion process begins automatically.

Once the process is complete, I have a fully functional page flip magazine that provides a remarkable display for my content. The upload and conversion process generally takes less than a minute.

Optimal Sharing

Another awesome benefit of using Yumpu.com is the fact that they optimize their platform to make sharing your finished product incredibly simple. When the conversion process is finished, the program will automatically generate an embed code that can be used to embed the html5 canvas page flip magazine on your site, blog, or social media page. Now you have your magazine in multiple locations with minimal effort. HTML5 canvas page flip magazines without writing the html code; how cool is that?


Exposure to Millions of Viewers and Readers

It gets better. Because Yumpu.com will host your finished product on their site, you will have access to their entire reading community. It is the largest online publisher in the world, with millions of readers browsing their digital pages every day. This will increase your exposure exponentially.


You get detailled statistics, even more if you are using Google Analytics!

There are some sites that will allow you to post your ePapers on their platform, there are none that offer the developer tools to convert your work into a flip book. This sets them apart from the rest. Readers who view your work on the Yumpu site will also have the option of sharing your work on social media. Now, you are talking about going viral. If all this isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, how about this; it is free! Go over to Yumpu.com and give it a spin; you will not regret it.





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