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The best Issuu Alternative – for free!
October 24, 2014

The best Issuu Alternative – for free!

Yumpu.com has really saved my business! As a home-based business owner, I spend a lot of time online creating digital content to attract new viewers and entice old ones to come visit my site again. When it became clear I was spending more time worrying about my magazine than I was doing the work people were paying me to do, I started looking for ways to streamline my online publishing operations. Everything I found cost too much, didn’t work like I needed it to, or just created more problems for me to clean up after the fact. This was particularly bad because I needed a lot of functionality without having to spend more back-end time trying to make the things I published work.

I needed an alternative, and I thought I found it with Issuu. At first, everything was fine, at least relative to the problems I’d been having. Then I realized the embedded signup forms I needed didn’t work quite right, if at all. I couldn’t share PDF-based content on social media directly. I couldn’t embed my company logo without upgrading to the Premium package. My viewers were seeing more of other people’s ads than they were mine, and if I wanted ad-free viewing or to publish directly to social media? You guessed it: pay us more money. So I went looking for an Issuu alternative.

After some research, I came across Yumpu.com. Like any business owner, I have a hard time ignoring the word “free” when it comes to the things I need. Okay, I thought, but what about the functionality? If it’s free, I probably can’t get everything I want here. Still, I needed an Issuu alternative, so I dug a little deeper.

It turns out Yumpu.com was the Issuu alternative I’d needed all along! Not only did it offer simple, one-step ePaper publishing that’s cloud-based, but it incorporated all the functionality Issuu wanted to charge me big money for. I get about four times the page views I was when I could only offer downloadable PDF files; an average ePaper user can expect about 2.5 times the views according to the 2013 Digital Publishing Study. I can share to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with one-click publishing. Try doing that with Issuu! Also, the easy embedding format makes updating my magazine and on-the-fly publishing as easy as clicking a mouse.

Yumpu.com is a great Issuu alternative because everything links back to my online storefront. This means I can post an article from my magazine on Facebook, for example, and it takes the reader right to my shop. I can also post video and sound files to promote new specials or get my face and business out in front of readers. Yumpu.com is optimized for the major search engines and social media outlets, slashing the amount of time I spend working on SEO and social media by nearly 50%.

Because of Yumpu.com’s unique front-and-back publishing format, it gives my readers the feeling they’re holding a print magazine in their hands. They can navigate, flip back and forth between pages, and see two pages at once just like a hard-copy publication. What impressed me even more was finding out Yumpu.com has over 20 million individual publications, which is more information than the world’s largest library contains, and has been around since 2006. That’s a better track record than most online magazine publishing services, and the results have more than justified my company’s growing pains while I learned the new system!

When I found out Yumpu.com also lets you connect seamlessly from mobile devices as well as regular desktop computers, I was sold. This was the Issuu alternative I’d been looking for all along! Now I spend less time worrying about online publishing and whether or not my content is getting to all the places I need it to be, which means I can spend more time doing the work I love and keeping my clients satisfied. My business has more visibility and reach than ever before, with a fraction of the headaches of managing all my social media and posting individuall With all its great functionality and low cost, Yumpu.com is an excellent Issuu alternative for people who want to grow their business and boost visibility without spending a fortune in upgrades.







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