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The best ISSUU alternatives on the market
August 3, 2014

The best ISSUU alternatives on the market

I’m a publishing professional who works with online documents quite a lot- I need to push content to the Web all the time. For a long time, I used Issuu as my platform of choice, but I wasn’t satisfied. It had a lot of little annoyances that bothered me. I went digging for some Issuu alternatives, and that’s when I found yumpu.com. This gave me everything I wanted in a free platform. The main problem that I had with Issuu was the different pricing plans.

I’m not a big company- I just need to reach readers. However, with Issuu, I had to cough up the money for a subscription if I didn’t want Issuu to fill my embedded document with ads. Sure, they have mobile integration and a convenient way to embed, but if I went with the free version, they would put ads into my content without my control. This was a dealbreaker for me, and is the annoyance that originally sent me looking for Issuu alternatives.

That is not the only thing that bothered me about Issuu, though. I wanted to be able to share my content on social media. It makes sense that a big part of trying to reach mobile users is being able to release content over Twitter and Facebook. But Issuu hides the social media controls up in a higher tier of subscription. It seems like a cruel trick to add compatibility with Android, iOS, and HTML5 at the free level and then force the publisher to shell out for one of the upper tiers of subscription for any kind of social media integration. That was another good reason to go looking for Issuu alternatives. I did like the way Issuu worked- I just didn’t like having to pay for it. More accurately, I didn’t like being forced to choose between paying for it or getting a stripped down, ad-filled platform.

In my search for Issuu alternatives, I found Yumpu almost by accident- I had never heard of it before. But it seemed to offer everything I wanted without making me pay or putting ads in my content. I got compatibility with mobile readers and social media controls for free. That was enough to make me seriously consider switching on its own. The next thing I learned was that Yumpu.com was featured in the study “Digital Publishing 2013″, which highlighted some of the other benefits. For example, it has the ability to incorporate interactive forms, like signup forms or documents with hyperlinks, and with analytic tools I can track how my readers interact with those.

The format that it uses to actually display the content is ePaper. I don’t know if you have ever used ePaper before, but it is great. It has pages that are double sided and turn like a book’s pages, so the reading experience is very natural. You might expect that it loads slowly due to all the bells and whistles, but no. It actually loads faster than a PDF on most devices. All of the content in the ePaper file is also fully indexable by search engines, so that it comes up on searches for terms in your content. I don’t need this feature as much, because I can reach a lot of people via social media, but it is still a useful aspect of the platform. I never thought that looking for Issuu alternatives would have such a good payoff.

So if you are stuck with Issuu and you are annoyed by the fact that you have to pay for monthly subscriptions to get the really good functionality, take a look at Yumpu. It is one of the best Issuu alternatives that I know about. The fact that all of it is free is a significant advantage all on its own. But Yumpu.com isn’t some kind of free knockoff without the full set of features that paid platforms have. It has all of the big features. It is worth just giving Yumpu a try to see what it’s like. If you can try out the interface and you find it at least workable, then you be able to get all the benefits of the major platforms without having to pay for it. It is a great solution to the problem of having to pay to publish your own content. Give it a try- you might be surprised by how convenient Yumpu is.


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