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Issuu Competitors comparison – Who is king?
October 15, 2014

Issuu Competitors comparison – Who is king?

My online marketing endeavors have become a lot easier now that I have discovered Yumpu.com. I just though I’d share my experiences with my fellow travelers. You just might be stuck in the same boat that I was. I was using a number of the “tried and true” online PDF converters and found them to be so cumbersome the lame results they delivered flat out was not worth all the time invested in using them. Upon looking over the decent Issuu competitors, I came across Yumpu.com and found it was the best device for attracting people on social media.

An Alternative for the Budget Conscious

html_cloudYumpu.com offers a perfect alternative to the costly digital HTML5 readers out there. Unlike other Issuu competitors, Yumpu.com is totally free. For those who are currently experiencing the dire effects of a strained budget, accessing a free tool capable of converting PDF documents for the web can be a huge help.

The help is even more profound when you realize this is one of the few Issuu competitors that allows documents to make a nice transition to social media platforms.

The Smooth Transition to Social Media

Social MediaThese days, you really do have to have a presence on social media platforms if your goal is to effectively promote yourself, a product, or a service. The reason why should not be all that difficult to determine. A solid social media platform is one that can capture the attention of a very large audience.

Millions upon millions of people belong to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other venues. Within that huge number of members, there is a small fraction that just might comprise very interested customers for your wares. Reaching them with the right promotional material is a must.

Digital magazines, brochures, newsletters, and the like definitely have that potential. Sure, you could just become a member of a profile and leave status updates on your Facebook page or you could Tweet away. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but the impact that you have might not be anywhere near as significant as you hoped.

A well-written, creative online magazine or newsletter, well, that just might have an amazing effect on anyone who comes across it. The same could be said of a solid product description that really stands out in an amazing way. Posting these things online is always a good idea. The trouble for so many is they cannot access a decent PDF to digital media tool among the various Issuu competitors that can make a smooth transition to social media.

I am happy to report Yumpu.com does offer that absolutely perfect transition to social media venues. No one is going to be stuck having to download PDF files from a link on the social media platform. Consider this a very good thing because:
The social media site might not allow direct downloads. You could be required to link to a website or a blog and then hope the visitors go through the extra step of executing a download. Too many steps generally undercut the actions of visitor.
People don’t like to download PDF’s under any circumstances. Studies show people are 2.5 times more likely to use a digital document viewer rather than perform a download.

Once you take all this into consideration, you realize that presenting the actual digital file on a social media platform is the best choice. What a shame so many Issuu competitors are not compatible. Honestly, you need not worry about what the bulk of the competitors can or cannot do. You have Yumpu.com to take advantage of.


Yumpu.com Delivers

Do not just take my glowing words for it. Look at the huge success Yumpu.com has had since 2006 when it first launched. The free service has produced 20+ million ePapers. Keep this in mind when looking for Issuu competitors. You want the best and this service is definitely among the best of the best.

For ease of use, you would have a very tough time finding a better or more effective service.




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