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November 15, 2014

Latest Issuu Pricing News

New York Emerging Fashion Designer DAHUI LI Spring/Summer 2015
Emerging fashion designer, Dahui Li, has recently launched his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, which is inspired by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi. Using multiple layers of fabric to create 3D patterns and prints, the Dahui Li design philosophy is …
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Campionato Truck 2014, alza la coppa l’ungherese Kiss
CampionatoTruck2014 LeMains L’ultimo atto del campionato europeo truck 2014 presso l’attesissimo circuito di Le Mans vede la vittoria della squadra MAN di Albacete e Bösiger, mentre il team Vrsecky e Lacko di Freightliner chiudono al secondo posto.
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How I made digital magazines, got more readers, and self-published online

As a productivity blogger, I share tips, tricks and news with my audience. Although I run a website and blog, I wanted a new way to share my content as a downloadable magazine. I tried all kinds of services, but each one either cost too much money or didn’t have the polished, professional edge I was looking for. Just as I was about to give up, I learned about something special. I was thrilled to use Yumpu.com, a website specifically for designing and creating digital magazines to share online. Best of all, it’s free. From what I’ve read about Issuu pricing news (a competitor in the digital magazine publication field), even Yumpu’s paid services provide more value than competitors. Here’s what I learned about the best digital magazine software available.

How easy is it?

This software is incredibly easy to use. A simple PDF is all you need to get started. Creating a digital magazine is so easy that anyone and everyone can use it. From fashion bloggers to travel agencies, digital magazines are perfect for everyone. Unlike Issuu pricing news, Yumpu stays up-to-date with everything users need to get started for free. When it comes to getting technical with your magazine, the software makes it easy to do things like optimize your file for search engines and make it available on both mobile and desktop devices, all for free. Issuu pricing news suggests that competitors won’t provide more value any time soon. I’ve never found a digital magazine publishing software online that’s as easy to use as Yumpu.com.

Features and value

Users can do all kinds of things with this software. Whether you use Yumpu.com’s free or paid services, you’ll obtain the most value with this online digital magazine software. Issuu pricing news suggests that Yumpu provides more value and free features for its users across the board. When creating digital magazines, there are endlessly more options than in print media. I take advantage of the digital capabilities when it comes to things like embedding audio and video and including hyperlinks to my website and external sources. After staying up-to-date with Issuu pricing news, I’m convinced that using Yumpu was the best choice for me. Creating a digital magazine has increased my website’s readership and provided a reason for my audience to sign up to my newsletter and regularly return to my website.

Overall, creating a digital magazine has never been easier. I can easily provide content to my readers without worrying about complicated technical software or high prices. Whether I need to share my magazines with social media or embed them on my website, it’s incredibly easy. It’s simple to start off with just a PDF and go from there. Even when reading about Issuu pricing news, it’s clear that I chose a better service with easy-to-use features and plenty of inspiration in their gallery of magazines. Both my readers and I are thrilled with this online tool for creating digital magazines.

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