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Issuu Review – Is it worth the cost?
September 19, 2014

Issuu Review – Is it worth the cost?

What can be done online today seems to be expanding before people like me can catch up to them. I had this thought not too long ago. It was also when I thought about putting together a resourceful magazine for Internet users. I figured, hey, with so much potential surrounding the devices that many people are using today, it would be fairly productive to get in touch with an audience by publishing an electronic magazine of pop culture.

My Issuu review

My search began while seeking out programmers who could devise the right type of appearance for my articles and its entire magazine. Well, unfortunately, that is when I found issuu.com and had to make an Issuu review about the things I’ve discovered in whole. It is quite the issue right now, and I feel like I have a lot to say and offer those hoping to become publishers online.

This site proposes a great idea for helping people like me boldly start publishing magazine content like the professionals abroad. But the closer I looked in to my Issuu review, the more a few challenges became apparent as I tried to better my publication. What really discouraged me the most was the financial commitment involved in publishing my content in the manner that I needed most. Dealing with these costs required me to slow down and reconsider my options in this pursuit of digital media.

So after a few more days of exploration throughout many search engines, the opportunities to self-publish online became more obvious as I narrowed the options down. My Issuu review helped me realize with who and how I could realistically pursue Internet publishing while managing my finances effectively.

What I Found

Other than one cool publishing platform I found, called Yumpu.com, the variety of services I researched “out there” still required unreasonable financial obligations for the beginner. These are obligations that I can’t justify making—considering that I’m an entrepreneur with barely enough funds to actually be in business to write and capture photography.

Still, I gave those other options the benefit of a doubt before finally getting my magazine up and running on the best choice I found. These final results I had encouraged me to write this Issuu review, and hopefully, there is a lot of information here for you to benefit from. My mistakes with other sites has solidify my sure confidence that Yumpu is the best site to publish electronic, magazine content for free. The best of all, their service is not only limited to digital magazines.

You should also know that money was not the single factor for me when making this choice. The collection of other options I reviewed for publishing where detrimental to my fast-paced progress as content was loaded at a snail’s pace. This was the case that even my readers had to deal with and experience. I’m sure the contrast of surfing the Web at lighting speeds to that of my lagging-page loads hurt my viewership substantially.

As an inspiring professional, I have to always be aware of how I’m providing a great experience for my readers. I have to also constantly improve these methods as competition is fierce. Having pages loading too slowly or not at all is an unacceptable practice in every way for the Internet. I’m glad that this is not a problem with Yumpu, and that using their service is so fast and yet always effective.

The Yumpu Solution

With Yumpu, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not my readers could access my magazine via their personal devices either. Three out of five consumers will search for local businesses by using their smart phones, and 90 percent of all online users will actually read the content they find. There is no possible way that an entrepreneur, like me and many others, can pursue a publishing venture without giving complete-device access to those operating and searching for data on the Internet. These devices that Yumpu will program your magazine and other media to appear on are: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

What I further found shocked me again to say the least. Many of the competing businesses, which are offering digital publishing for the ventures of common people, did not have code capabilities to enable videos or audio files to be seamlessly integrated into my magazine. Nothing is truly modern content without the ability to incorporate those features somewhere in a digital presentation.

This Issuu review is to highlight issuu.com and many other sites that simply come up short when helping small businesses get a secure footing in a competitive industry of other content creators. So now, it makes sense to highlight a few more features about Yumpu and how anyone can begin to see their magazine publishing dreams become a reality. This reality can come faster than you think with the tools and supporting services on this site.

First and foremost, Yumpu allows their members and users to convert simple PDF files into what will become their online magazine. These uploads happen in a flash, and remember that this site and its tremendous service will always be free.

The final product you make on this site can be easily embedded into your own website with attractive display settings for readers. This is a great way to attract users and catch their attention while generating more leads. You can track your progress with this company who will also give you access to millions of readers searching for content.

Additional Features

But, let’s say that a magazine is not your particular cup of tea, and this can be understandable. We all have different dreams. Maybe you are more interested in starting a digital newspaper to compete with and present content using a daily or weekly digital print for a specific audience. The answer for you will still be Yumpu.com who also provides their members with digital content options that includes brochures, flyers and catalogs. Additionally, publishers can choose Yumpu’s ePaper templates for classic, print presentations.

Like magazine content and published issues, ePapers at Yumpu are effortlessly embedded and coded to be used on all major devices, websites, blogs or online shopping portals. They are formatted to appear as common newspapers with interactive and accessible media adjuncts that include video, audio and visible hyperlinks. New readers for publishers committed to the ePaper option may also integrate a signup form. This is available so that new readers have easy access to getting involved with a publication and following its future releases.

When researching the effectiveness of ePapers, you will find that two and a half times more page views occur on these files than with an unsophisticated, downloadable PDF alone. With the natural reading presentation of content within Yumpu’s publishing templates, you will have the familiar layout of information that your readers will likely be accustomed to. These layout variations will also add to the readability and visual design of your final publication.

In either case, ePapers are still a progressive option and are well indexed—giving search engines the ability to connect Web-surfers to your final product and uploads. Epapers will also garner 12 times more readers, to be generated through Google Inc., when publishing with this high-quality method. The qualities of this type of format is the most popularly used solution for Yumpu worldwide. The site can boast of over 20 million publications made since 2006 and even more readers since then.


No matter what option you choose for your Yumpu publication, there are a few more features to consider like I had to. Decisions you make have the potential of being presented in a customized look and feel that will best suit the theme and topics of your final message published for the world. Publishers can do this by background changes and color options that cover every style and genre. Those with pre-designed logos can even have such images incorporated into their final presentation, and this is a great way of branding your content.

Yet once finished, Yumpu-based works are fully compatible with major social media outlets that enable any publisher’s media to garner shares and likes—enabling the media content to further increase its reputation and viewership.

To enable publishers to be as marketable as possible, Yumpu.com has also added a bonus-like function found in an option for users to own an iOS App with the APPKiosk. The plan will behave as a means of selling magazines and processing the information of new subscribers. All of this can be done with the simple click of an App for your readers. They can access the App to find your latest releases or sign up as committed, paying customers.

The customer support at Yumpu is also highly reliable and quick to solve issues as they arise to to the unexpected. The helpers are prompt and are clearly understood while aiming to empower publishers to constantly reach a platform of millions of potential readers across the Internet.





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