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My big Magcloud Review
December 15, 2014

My big Magcloud Review

Yumpu.com just saved the day! I needed a way to publish my documents online, and once I started looking for ways to make it happen, I realized that most of my options were full of holes — holes that would sink my budget, drain my time, or leave my audience drowning in confusion.

My experience with most publishing services

Most of the other services I found were way out of my budget. The prices were totally unreasonable. The more affordable services had their own problems. They couldn’t display my documents correctly on mobile devices. They looked warped and unprofessional. Most of them wouldn’t let me embed my signup forms, videos, or audio files into a PDF. I needed a service that would let me do all those things, and my search was getting very frustrating.

But finally, I found Yumpu, a free solution that did everything I needed and more! I could publish my PDF documents in HTML5/Flash without any trouble, and I could embed them into all the places where I keep an online presence: my facebook, my personal website, my online shop, and on my blog. It was exactly what I needed. And best of all, it was free! And I would never have to read another magcloud review.


All I had to do was upload a simple PDF file, and Yumpu.com converted it to an ePaper that displayed it using a beautifully designed HTML5 reader. All the things I wanted to publish looked both elegant and very professional — exactly the way I wanted them to look. Also, my documents were hosted safely in the cloud. That eliminates a lot of worries I used to have about losing my data.

padThere were so many ways that finding this website simplied things for me, I’m going to have to limit myself to just telling you about the most important benefits that were also recognized in a digital publishing 2013 study or I’ll never be able to get back to work.

  1. First of all, an ePaper can be embedded on any website, blog or online shop with no hassle. It is readable on all major devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. This means that no one will be left scratching their head, wondering what on earth they just clicked on when they try to view my PDF files.
  2. Another great thing about ePaper is that it’s interactive. I can embed videos, sound files, and hyperlinks. It’s perfect for presenting products, services, and anything else I want to post. It has really helped take my website to a whole new level.
  3. A 2014 office study revealed that ePaper has 2.5 times more page views than a downloadable PDF. People would rather see a file and view it without being forced into downloading it onto their own computer just to read.
  4. Also, ePaper has a double-sided presentation and brings back a more natural reading feel. It’s like flipping pages in a magazine!
  5. An ePaper is indexed by search engines. That always brings more traffic and new customers to a website. Being indexed by Google can ensure a large audience!
  6. Social media platforms are also ePaper friendly. Now, my files can be shared on all social media platforms with no problem. They could even go viral.
  7. Last, but definitely not least, ePaper has significantly shorter loading times than PDF files. This means my website loads quickly, and I don’t lose viewers by making them wait for several minutes just to see my content.


I looked at all the competition. I looked at magcloud review after magcloud review. I looked at free services, paid services and everything in between. I went with www.Yumpu.com because it gives me a better service, unmatched support, an iPhone app that even lets me sell magazines and subscriptions. I know that I made the right decision. Hands down, this is the best service out there — and it just so happens to be free.

graphThere are millions of avid readers out there who don’t have time to sit around waiting for files to download. Now, I can easily reach that audience. That’s the whole point of having an online presence, and now my documents really rise above the rest in a sea of slow-loading PDFs. Seriously, if you’re looking for a way to put your publications in the hands of the people, save yourself a lot of time and go with Yumpu. You absolutely won’t find anything better, and you don’t have time to waste looking at another magcloud review. I’m no longer spending time trying to make sense of compatibility issues, and trying to explain to my readers why they can’t read what I’ve published online. Now, I can focus on creating great publications that help me accomplish everything I am trying to get done!




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  1. Awesome review on Yumpu. this post will surely guide many people to use this. Thanks for sharing this in detail.

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