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Magcloud vs Blurb
August 25, 2014

Magcloud vs Blurb

Recently, Blurb has acquired Magcloud from HP in an attempt to consolidate long tail publishing. As the two companies combine, the book publishing prowess of Magcloud combined with the access to writers that Blurb offers. However, there are many weaknesses that publishers should be aware of before investing in this newly consolidated company.

Magcloud vs Blurb = Magcloud Plus Blurb: Higher Prices for the Same Service

First of all, less competition means higher prices. This is basic economics. The consolidation of Magcloud and Blurb will most certainly raise the price of all services that each of the two separate companies offered. Blurb has tried to quell the questions by saying on its website that things will remain the same; however, most industry experts agree that higher prices are on the way.
The same thing applies for would-be book publishers who are looking to order low quantities of their work for press release or other promotional opportunities. Many first-time publishers may actually be better off going to another service because of the price changes that are sure to take place in the near future.

Lost Files

brokenThere have already been many stories of individuals losing their profiles and saved files as the companies continue to merge. This means that photographers who are looking to consolidate their photos into books or publishers who are looking to make extended editions of their work may have to start completely from scratch. Currently, the consolidated MagCloud and Blurb company are offering no compensation for lost files.

Quality of Format Changes

The proprietary formats that are being used between the two companies are also facing a great deal of scrutiny right now. As such, people who are looking to incorporate services from one business into the other are having a great deal of trouble changing formats. Basically, people are stuck with the service that they originally had with very few crossover possibilities available.

This is especially prevalent with photo binding and smaller, softcover books.

Sharing Media on Certain Devices

responsiveOne of the major problems with the new consolidated company is its inability to showcase media on mobile devices and in various social media platforms. Neither one of the companies was very good at this to begin with; combining their efforts has not improved a great deal on their ability.

Responsive web design remains one of the most difficult plateaus for online publication companies to overcome. If you are trying to sell e-books, then the Magcloud vs Blurb argument is actually irrelevant to you: Neither one of the services was ever much good at creating a responsive experience that could engage your customers regardless of viewing platform.

Magcloud vs Blurb: Who wins overall?

In all honesty, the Magcloud vs Blurb argument is one that you are better off not having it all. Until the service fixes kinks in its armor, it is really better to find a service that gives the modern self publisher the options that he or she needs in order to create a truly self-sufficient platform and product.

What is the solution for the self publisher?

Fortunately for those without hundreds of thousands of dollars to market with a print publisher, the e-paper website Yumpu.com puts to rest many of the issues that are created by the Magcloud vs Blurb argument. If you are looking for a low-cost way to quickly publish your books and photos with responsive web design built-in, then Yumpu is definitely the site for you.


Easy to use and free – that’s Yumpu.com

Advantages of Yumpu Over Its Competition

seo2First of all, clients of Yumpu have a much easier time being found by people who are looking for new literature. Yumpu is fully optimized for the major search engines. Your materials can be embedded into your favorite social media platform, and you can also create different designs for a responsive feel that can translate very well to the mobile platform.

The website also gives you the option of connecting to your store landing page. This will help to drive traffic to your website, giving you the opportunity to collect emails and create loyal customers, not just one off viewers. You can also easily embed multimedia all types into your publications. This is an option that is hardly available within the platforms of Yumpu’s competition.

Lastly, you can embed the application itself into your websites for easy access for your potential customers no matter what social media they might be using at the time. Overall, if you are looking to self publish with a responsive Web 2.0 functionality, then you are better off completely skipping the Magcloud vs Blurb argument and going straight to the winner’s circle with Yumpu.com.

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