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A comparison between Magcloud vs Issuu
December 14, 2014

A comparison between Magcloud vs Issuu

I publish an online magazine, and it’s a crucial part of my business. I am always on the hunt for new publishing platform options, because of how important it is for me to make sure I get the best framing for my content. I tossed around some ideas, and it came down to Magcloud vs Issuu. This wasn’t that surprising to me- having it be Magcloud vs Issuu in the final round is the same dilemma I faced last year. But the real surprise was Yumpu.com. A friend told me about Yumpu as I was still thinking about Magcloud vs Issuu. I had never heard of it before. But it turned out to be a revelation to me. It has all of the features of Issuu with the pricing of Magcloud- i.e., free.

The problems I have with ISSUU

moneyIssuu certainly has a lot of good features. It has the ability to display content on mobile devices of all kinds, analytic tools, social media tools- the works. The problem is that the good features require a lot of money. If you are using the free version of Issuu, you get the Android, iOS, and HTML5 integration, and that is pretty much it. Issuu also takes the liberty of loading a bunch of ads in and around your content. That pretty much makes it impossible to use the free version. I want my readers to be engaged, not distracted by someone else’s ads. That ruins the whole point of publishing my content. On top of that, to get the really good tools like the social media integration, it isn’t enough to get the minimum subscription. You have to shell out for one of the premium tiers. So yes, the tools that Issuu offers are good, but it is not good to require everyone to pay that much for them.
magcloudMagcloud is free, but it is really geared more toward people who want to sell their publications. It doesn’t have many features aside from being able to set prices and sell digital publications. Frankly, it’s rather bare bones. For me, my decision was coming down to Magcloud vs Issuu because Magcloud was free, and I didn’t know of any good options for free publishing back then. Yumpu.com really changed my opinion, though!

The best service – for free!

I found out that Yumpu basically gives me everything I want from Issuu without charging me for it. I get all the social media tools I want, so I can push my content out using tweets or Facebook posts. I can use advanced analytics to track my readers. The format that Yumpu uses to frame content is called ePaper, and it’s great. It looks just like a book- it has pages that turn naturally. This looks really awesome on tablets in particular.

logo_smallI also found out that all of the content in ePaper is fully indexed by search engines, so that if someone looks for a key term on Google that appears in my magazine, it will be a search result. That is a great way for me to bring in new people. Not to mention that ePaper just loads faster than a PDF. I always worry that if I just push out a raw PDF, potential readers will get annoyed by long load times and leave. That isn’t an issue with Yumpu’s ePaper. There’s also some features of Yumpu that I haven’t seen anywhere else, like the ability to embed videos and audio tracks into a document. This is pretty cool, and is a great way to innovate in digital publishing. I will definitely start trying out some of these features. With Yumpu, they are all free.

ePaper from Yumpu.com look great and they are free

It didn’t take long for me to decide to try Yumpu.com out. And while there is always the potential for a new competitor to enter the market, I think I will be sticking with Yumpu for the foreseeable future. It is so much better than either Issuu or Magcloud that I don’t have any regrets about switching. Plus, it’s free. It really does not get any better than that. If you are involved in digital publishing at all, I highly recommend at least learning about Yumpu. It has the potential to be your new best friend. With the way the interface of these publishing platforms work, it really isn’t that hard to experiment a little nowadays, so give it a try.





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