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May 29, 2015

Latest Page Flip Jquery News

A2Z Analysiz: Supercard of Honor V (Roderick Strong, Tyler Black)
He brings two chairs into the ring and cracks one on Cabana's back. He sets up the other chair and goes for the pumphandle neckbreaker but Cabana blocks it and delivers a spinebuster through the chair instead. Ouch. Cabana hits the flip flop and chair …
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JT on NXT: 25th March 2015 – Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Women's Championship
Legsweep takes Banks down, her head bouncing off the mat, and Alexa hits the Bliss Flip, which is a sweet standing moonsault kneedrop. Pin and a kick out at two. Irish whip into the corner and Bliss hits a springboard code red for a pin and another two …
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