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The best Sites Like Scribd
September 8, 2014

The best Sites Like Scribd

A while back I decided to flesh out a long time dream of mine: starting a blog. Little by little, my blog grew in readership and size. Because of the demand of running a successful blog and maintaining a day job, I stopped the blog to focus on my career. Just recently, with a change of heart, I decided I needed to use a site like Scribd to help me start up again and reach more readers, embed more content and publish more work. After much research, I stumbled upon www.yumpu.com. The easy to use, free, digital publishing site helped me up my expectations of my personal blog.

Before I found this service, I began my search for sites like Scribd with modest expectations. I wanted a free document hosting website that would be quick, easy to use, social media friendly and audio and video friendly. Much to my surprise, I found that most sites like Scribd do not allow for easy sharing on social media platforms or quality viewing on smart phones or tablets. A lot of sites I stumbled across charge too much yet load the pages slowly. Sites like Scribd would not even let me embed sign-up forms, videos or audio files into my PDFs. I was frustrated, disheartened and ready to give up on my making my blog my business.

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The Solution

After hours of tediously researching sites, I came across www.yumpu.com. The site was easy to use from the moment it loaded: simple looking with modern theme. The site offered a tutorial and a set of helpful instructions that allowed me to get started nearly instantly. Being accustomed to visiting sites like Scribd, Yumpu was a breath of fresh air. The straightforwardness of the site gave me hope that I could get my blog up and running again.

After the quick tutorial, I was able to upload at an insanely quick speed. Within minutes, my blog entries were being turned into published work.

What Does it Do Exactly?

Yumpu.com is a free digital publishing site like Scribd, but better. It takes your original work and converts it into a readable print publication. Like an online library, Yumpu creates a real reading experience for site visitors. The digital newsstand of sorts is a stage for over 20 million magazines, flyers, and catalogues. The content can be accessed from smart phones, tablets and computers.

In other words, I simply create my content and load it to the website. This free converter can turn anything—magazines, catalogues, brochures, newsletters—into a readable online document.

What’s in it For Me?

Before starting up my blog again, I was dead set against sites like Scribd. That was, until I found Yumpu. It uploads my work, turns into a professional looking online publication and then shows it to the world. It displays its content in a public domain as a digital reader. Even better, it uses search engine optimization (SEO) to make it easier for readers to find your work. This means that my blog can reach more readers quicker than it ever could before. How does this site have anything to do with my blog, you ask? This solution allows me to embed the publications into my blog posts. The posts load quickly and are accessible for all types of devices. So not only does this service turn my ideas into reality, spread the word and optimize my presence in search engines but it also lets me embed the awesomeness into my personal blog and website. You can embed it into any platform: personal website, Facebook page, online store or, like me, a blog.

What does this platform Offer?

Yumpu.com takes the grunt work out of running a blog. With sites like Scribd, directions can be confusing and ineffective. The directions can be unclear, costly and impersonal. It allows you to personalize everything from your background, to the color of the font. I can add my personal pictures and logos. The most important feature, for me, is that the site allows me to embed video and audio files into all of my publications. My readers no longer have a hard time accessing clips I post to accompany my blog entries. Yumpu, unlike sites like Scribd, are engineered to easily work with social media websites too. Big name social media sites like Facebook and Twitter work well with this platform. And, of course, if you need it, there is unmatched support to learn the ins and outs of Yumpu.

Before I found Yumpu, I was overwhelmed with running a popular blog. I was discouraged, sad and frustrated. Trying to use sites like Scribd made digital publishing libraries seem out of reach and not for me. After I found this service, everything changed. It is the only tool that will put publications in the hands of millions avid readers and making it easy to do so.




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