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Websites like Scribd
December 13, 2014

Websites like Scribd

I am always using and saving documents online. I began searching for websites like Scribd as I was having a few difficulties with that servie. That’s when I stumbled upon Yumpu. Using www.Yumpu.com is a much better alternative for anyone who is looking for websites like Scribd. Although Scribd works to share documents, there are many negative features I have discovered throughout the process of using the service. With www.Yumpu.com, I am much happier now sharing and saving documents in much less time.

Negative Features of Scribd

When I began my search for websites like Scribd I was doing so with the thought of a free service that was quick and easy to use. Unfortunately, I encountered a few negative aspects of using Scribd and other websites like Scribd throughout the process, allowing me to discover Yumpu.

One of the major drawbacks of using Scribd was the inability to load my documents fast enough when uploading new content and information to the service. When I wanted to share my documents it became increasingly frustrating for my readers and those who wanted to know more about the content I had to offer.

Additionally, I also discovered that Scribd was not affordable for the services I required, prompting me to search elsewhere for websites like Scribd, including Yumpu.

Scribd also did nto allow me to display the documents I shared properly on mobile devices well, causing my site’s bounce rate to rise and my number of page views to decline. It was also impossible to embedded signup forms and audio or video files with the use of Scribed, which is another feature I require for my work online. Finally, one of my main components of online marketing is using social media. With Scribd, I was unable to share my documents and media with ease, making it even more challenging to reach the audience I had in mind with the information I needed to get out there to my readers, prompting me to search for alternative websites like Scribd.

Why Use www.Yumpu.com?

Once I discovered Yumpu.com, I couldn’t have been happier. The service allows me to create and easily upload, share and promote my documents with a number of online platforms, making it easier than ever to manage my information and documents right from home.

Using Yumpu allows me to embed my uploaded documents with the use of social media along with my own website and online eCommerce store, ideal for all of my online readers who are actively subscribed to my newsletter and site updates. Using Yumpu with Facebook has given me the opportunity to easily share information with thousands of followers, resulting in even more virtual likes, shares and additional growth for my page altogether.

Yumpu is also compatible for both mobile and desktop devices, optimizing my documents and giving my readers complete access to information from anywhere without hassle. Additionally, Yumpu guarantees your content is optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing! It is also now possible to embed both audio and video posts into publications and documents, giving you the option of creating a truly unique and original upload for your users, followers and potential customers to enjoy when online.

When you have an online eCommerce site you want to promote you can now do so with Yumpu within the actual publication you create and upload itself. Adding links within your documents increase the amount of interactive options your readers have when reading your publications and released information online.

Yumpu also offers unmatched support online for any trouble or errors you may encounter with the services. Since switching the use of all of my documents from Scribd to Yumpu I have had the best support and service possible for all of my publication-sharing needs and tools.

Using Yumpu is the only tool that gives you the ability to put your documents and publications into the hands of millions of avid readers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say with ease. The more time you spend on crafting your content and creating original and unique information to share, the easier it is to get other readers from around the world who are using Yumpu to learn more about you and the brand or business you are working to present and promote with the use of online publications.

While I was looking for websites like Scribd I had to keep in mind that I was in search for a free website that provided me the ability to save PDF files while embedding my documents easily into my own site. Using www.Yumpu.com offers the solutions that even other websites like Scribd were not able to provide. I enjoy using www.Yumpu.com as one of the best alternative websites like Scribd and prefer it over any other service or tool available currently on the market.





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