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April 30, 2015

Logo Design New Millennium

Logos has become a cultural phenomenon in modern life. Their goal is to create an instant and indelible link to the company and brand, and very often the lifestyle associated with it – at first glance. In the same way state “Louisiana” The mere mention conjures visions of times, New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Cajun food, knobs, crawfish, alligators and the Bayou “Nike swoosh conjures up the famous slogan” Just do it “, without written together with sporting excellence in the images, games, and athletes, the fans with great devotion, clothes, and that the public either his own or to their way of life and ethos of the brand. All that only one of the “swoosh” – this is a great logo design in Louisiana.

Logo Design in Louisiana deceptively difficult. The logo has to be easy – and create something simple, not easy. Complex picture, the more difficult to remember. That’s why all the major companies logos do not mess. “Apple Inc.” Apple bites taken out is a great example of great logo design. It is a simple and memorable, and how important it is scalable. It can accommodate an iPod, or the board or a business card without losing its effect.

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Logos should be timeless. Public mind the relationship between brand image and simple. Keep shifting the image around, and it quickly becomes confusing and the brand seems to be reliable. Logo idea is that it should be a permanent representative brand – as well start with the logo design. I do not think you always have to update everything – many well-known companies that use the same flowing script generation – never date, it never gets old. Your grandmother may at Kellogg ‘grain stores, as easily as when she was young, because style never changed. In the same way as the highest traditions of Louisiana is eternal, and never need to update is also not a good logo.

Many logos are simple images. Please note that the logo does not represent the brand products. 3 strips to tell you “Adidas” – they do not need to add a tennis ball in the logo, it is clear what their brand and products. Mercedes-Benz logo at the car, “McDonald’s Golden Arches are not hamburgers …. You get the point. In fact, trying to make the logo look like the product ends disaster, more often than not – it is difficult to scale the car business card size, but the Mercedes logo is a breeze.

Although many of the greatest logos are simple images, remember that one of the letters, initials and words as well as images. With the right fonts and colors, they can make a memorable logo. Logo Design examples are using the words “FedEx” (the hidden subliminal arrow) and Microsoft. The rule applies to both image and text logos are appropriate. Bright colors and cartoon fonts is not a law firm, and the muted colors and the text is not suitable for a toy store. Color is an important public tend to associate with the silver color as the bright blue, green, green products to diet drinks, and so on. By the way, a good logo design should mean that the logo makes as well, black and white, because it colors.

A good logo design in Louisiana create a unique link to the brand of their minds. Logo design should always strive for individuality – a logo that looks like someone missed the point entirely. Also keep in mind that the big brands and their logos are priceless. Try to copy them and you will find yourself at the end of a serious lawsuit.

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