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March 2, 2018

Lost That Lovin’ Feeling? 5 Tips to Win Back Your Ex

Everyone knows relationships can be tough. Luckily this is the information age, and relationship advice abounds both in the bookstore and online. Here are 5 quick tips to help you win back your ex and regain the love you used to share.

Give them some space at first. Don’t do the “what did I do wrong?” calls. Just don’t. Let them have a little breathing room. Wait at least 5 days before you call. You both need a cooling off period.
Use your 5 days to do some self-analysis. Own your part in what went wrong. If you are willing to change a behavior or your attitude, when you do call your ex you can let them know.
Don’t pass the blame on to your partner. You can’t change another person or their behavior. If you think you’re going to, give up that fantasy right now. People only change when they want to. Make sure you’re the kind of person that makes your partner want to change. This ties in to the next tip.
This tip rubs some people the wrong way, but I swear by it. When you do get together, act like you already have the fulfilling relationship you desire. Think kind and loving thoughts toward your ex. Keep a peaceful center, no matter what you talk about. In the back of your mind, keep seeing the two of you as together and happy. Now, some people I have shared this with have had a knee-jerk reaction, saying “NO, he must treat me like I’m special, and he must love ME!” and I say “nope”. When you act as if the love and communication is there, and treat your partner accordingly, the real feelings follow. You just have to put your feelings of entitlement aside and try it. Hey, are you serious about trying to win back your ex, or are you just playing games?
Get your true feelings across. I know this can be hard. I have sent emails and left notes for my partner when it was just too hard to say the words. You have to communicate. If face to face is to hard, get creative. But you have to let your ex know what’s going on in your head, and in your heart.

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Put these 5 tips to work for you, and you will have a fighting chance to win back your ex and have the loving relationship you deserve.

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