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January 5, 2018

Make a Wish!

Let’s take a few minutes today to make a wish.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and make a wish.

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As you wish do you feel some relief? Do you feel ASIF the Universe is listening? That’s because it is listening and it does fulfill your desires.

In the past few days I saw many of my wishes come true. They came true in ways that leave me feeling happily shocked. Okay so ‘shocked’ is a strong word for me to use since I know a lot about manifesting and how it works. But really, even for me, the amazing manifestations I witnessed leave me with a feeling of “Oh there is someone listening; someone who really cares about how I feel, what I want, and is concerned about my happiness and welfare.”

This feeling of having my wishes consistently fulfilled has been developing in me over the past few years, and as each wish and desire however tiny or large gets manifested, I am left again and again with this feeling of total and complete awe.

There I go again, still feeling that awe even though I am quite used now to the ways of the Law of Attraction (LOA).

Being introduced to the LOA is a blessing and if you can just see this blessing then you will know that you have in your hands the most powerful creation knowledge of this Universe. Ofcourse there are several universal laws in operation including the Law of Balance, but they all work hand in hand with the LOA.

You may sometimes wonder why you have this knowledge in your hands. Just looking at some of the past events of your life, you may feel kind of sad and bereft about the things have gone wrong for you. But the Law of Balance is all about setting things right. If something tilts waaayyyyy to the left, it has to tilt the other way until it attains balance. The Universe is always setting itself right. All you have to do is to aide it.

If things have not gone ‘right’ for you sometimes, use the LOA to set things right again. If you’ve been overweight for too long, then use the LOA to get to your desired weight. If you’ve been struggling with finances for too long, then use the LOA to set things right. If you’ve been unhappy for some time, use the LOA to become happy. If you’ve been feeling unloved and without your partner, then just use the LOA to attract your partner into your life.

Get into the space that you want to be in, and for the time being until you get your wish fulfilled, just ‘pretend’ that you have it all under control. It’s because it is ALL under control as it is the ALL that has to take care of you. Relax and feel happy. And yes, do spend a lot of time feeling good. Is’nt that the mantra of the Law of Attraction? Feel good now!

As you give out the vibes that you already have what you want, you will attract that to you. Your thoughts arise from your beliefs and your beliefs determine your experiences. Your feelings are an indicator of where you are and what you are focussing on. As your thoughts change, things rearrange around you just so that your experiences change.

Spend time working on your subtle beliefs, and you will see your reality change. The person who did not pay attention to you, will pay attention. Your body which did not co-operate with you, will co-operate with you. The money in your bank will now feel ASIF it is so much more, because it is so much more.

Your face will glow in the light of your contentment because your beliefs say that you are content as all your wishes are being fulfilled one after the other, even as they arise in you. This is the space that you will be in, a completely contented person. Your beingness shines this contentment for all to see and they wonder what it is that you are doing special that makes you this way. It’s because the light of your SELF is free to shine without the worries that otherwise would bring you down. This light then pervades everything around it, fueling it all and your reality gets filled with love, light and happiness.

Walk with the knowledge that you are taken care of and with a feeling of gratefulness to this wonderful universe which always supports and takes care of you. If you need to be pro-active to come to this space, then be pro-active.

Everything is in Divine and Perfect order now. Just believe in this truth and make your wish.

Love and Light, Sugandhi Iyer, Coach, Joyful Manifestation, http://www.lifebusinesscreations.com

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