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NERD TIME: Join the Nintendo Force!
August 2, 2014

NERD TIME: Join the Nintendo Force!

We take a look at the first issue of Nintendo Force magazine! Nintendo Force Website: http://nintendoforcemagazine.com/ Buy Nintendo Force: http://www.magclo…

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14 Responses

  1. tvsonicgaming

    I’ll buy this issue…..when I got money xD

  2. SonicFrenzy76

    Im buying this!

  3. Christina June

    Awesome! Be aware there’s a digital download for only $4.99, and a coupon
    code is in the description! 😀 And aweee :(

  4. TheNintendoMegaFan

    OMG! That is pretty sweet. I am gunna get that, lol. Also, me and my friend
    were at the mall yesterday, and there were these little LoZ Phantom
    Hourglass mystery ball figure things, and I REALLY wanted a Link, so me and
    my friend were breaking the things open, trying to find a Link, but someone
    took all the Link’s. D:

  5. TheNintendoMegaFan

    Alright, cool! I was just wondering because I might do a subscriber
    giveaway video at like..50 or 100 subscribers, lol, you inspired me! :3

  6. Christina June

    It ends 2/3/13 PST. Viewers still have all day tomorrow to enter. I’ll
    announce the winner in next Sunday’s video when the 500 (and if I hit 600
    by then, I’ll put both in one video) subscriber giveaway will start. And
    congrats! :D-and sorry- I thought I was removing my comment but it removed
    yours even though I was under the options for mine. YouTube is glitching :(

  7. Christina June

    Awesome! Look at the description for the coupon code and hopefully it still
    works! Thank you 😛

  8. SuperPikawolf11

    Super Bowl is on Sunday too! Though, you probably already knew that…

  9. Owen Francis

    I really hope that Nintendo Force Magazine is available in the UK. We do
    have the Official Nintendo Magazine over here but there’s more than enough
    room for two Nintendo magazines to be out there. As always I’ve enjoyed
    watching this video so please just keep doing what your doing Christina :)

  10. SonicFrenzy76

    Awesome video by the way Christine!

  11. Jude Law

    One can hope it lasts a quarter centry like Nintendo Power did.

  12. Christina June

    Me too!! 😀

  13. Christina June


  14. Christina June

    The digital download is only $4.99, and I provided the coupon code I used
    when purchasing it 😀

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