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April 1, 2015

Overcoming Fear of Spirits

If you are not sure who is contacting you in Spirit, use the Law of Challenge. Books mentioned: A Little Light on Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper; Messages from the Spirit World by David Armstrong;…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

22 Responses

  1. Krista Raisa

    new vid up!

  2. Sea_Shanty7

    Is that a triquetra necklace you’re wearing? If so, what does the
    symbolism mean to you?

  3. Michael Hartman

    Thanks for posting!! Love your videos always, much love/appreciation

  4. Sea_Shanty7

    If only I could remember to be lucid during my dreams in order to ask that
    question x3..something to work on!

  5. Dana Lynne

    great & timely message as always Krista!

  6. Ronnie Mand

    Christ is just a title and there are plenty of non physical entities
    attached to “spiritual” people in a mental asylum that claim to be one. I
    find it so silly that people can convince themselves that somehow these
    entities cannot lie or that they cannot deny your free will. Here’s my tip
    of advice for any channeller – “AS BELOW SO ABOVE” 

  7. Amanda Larsen

    I wondered why my awakening allows me to see now. I have such a hard time
    hearing/communication from them. You let me know why and I thank you

  8. Sea_Shanty7

    I think that lower light level beings have a sense of humour, it’s just a
    different type of humour than someone who has more light would appreciate.

  9. d3stRuctv3

    thanks for sharing!


    Very true lower vibrational beings hate humor they can’t process that state
    of High Vibe energy. And yes comedies are great my favorite are Parodies.
    Like Saturday Night Live. I have done a few and I saw a couple of those
    lower vibe beings come forth. They were like we don’t like to laugh GRR now
    we hate you. Oh well everyone else liked them and the intentions behind
    them were good. I need to spread more comedic light. TEE-HEE. ;)

  11. Kristen Wendtland

    So if you are always happy and you are good and aren’t bad …you will see
    happy things.

  12. Kenny Fuji

    that’s nice,
    nice vid :)
    thanks. many cultural identities over east worship ancestors, ghosts,
    spirits. good to have someone help dispel the fear surrounding this

  13. Cheryl Dearborne

    Dear Universe, I get it, i gotta get over the fear….ughhhhhhhh! I just so
    happened to find this video today randomly, not even searching it or
    looking at a video that had anything to do with this. Google hummingbird
    just knows too much about it, but also, I am stuck on whether or not I
    should open my third eye, it’s a difficult decision. 

  14. Michiko B

    Great video, love! There was this one time this little nasty was trying to
    scare me in the dream realm (& was succeeding, lol!) until a very strange
    idea literally just popped into my head. “Dragons breath!” If you’re
    familiar with the yogic lions breath, it was just like that-& the shadow
    being ended up being the one terrified! I find it funny now, wondering how
    scary I must have looked! 

  15. Emanuele

    Awesome!! Always love your videos. Can’t wait to book a reading!

  16. Christine Kapeller


  17. Kristen Wendtland

    Also how do you send in protection?sorry i am trying to awaken my third eye
    and i just want to be prepared.

  18. Chester Harris

    Good job. Keep the videos coming. I’m kinda gaining loads of “celebrity”.
    Idc. I’m so spiritually advance that my light is the only reason they won’t
    leave me alone. I’m a big fan of yours. Keep up the good work. Btw, you
    said pray to god three times… I’m the pharaoh C”see” 3. My guides are
    perfect. Keep the messages coming, I need em. There are some strange
    menacing forces out here. :).

  19. Delilah Weeks

    Very cool video Krista, I have always had a passion for the Spirit world as
    well… And I would agree with everything you said here, awesome guidance

  20. makaylagirl808

    This video helped me out big time. Sometimes when I’m sleeping I have to
    use the bathroom and I try to avoid it because I have to walk in the dark
    to go to the bathroom. The darkest part of the house at night is in the
    kitchen by the front door. I swear I avoid looking in that direction when I
    walk to the bathroom cuz I keep thinking something is there staring at me
    in the darkness, and at any moment it will reveal itself to me. It freaks
    me out. Maybe from now on I will face my fears. Maybe this is the test I’m
    gonna have to face. #TEAM LIGHT BABY, BRING IT!

  21. Jo-Dean Poirier

    Excellent information Krista! Thank You XO You answered some questions that
    I was having 😉 

  22. Stacy Gursky

    You are amazing!! Truly blown away. <3 <3

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