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  • OWS Jail Support – Background, Basics, and Outreach April 14 2012 Occupy Wall St
January 16, 2015

OWS Jail Support – Background, Basics, and Outreach April 14 2012 Occupy Wall St

Filmed April 14, 2012, 7.45pm. Members of Occupy Wall Street Jail Support discuss the history, and background of the workgroup, why their mission–of taking …
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2011-01-25 1st – LIVE Journal, Mayan day 10 Seed or Lizard ♥ “TRANSCRIPT” http://www.scribd.com/doc/47554061 ♥ Bill Ryan follow-up – http://www.youtube.com/w…

13 Responses

  1. lukehard242

    You are right and are not paranoid the censoring is here already for the
    internet, youtube today now forced me to get a youtube account in order to
    sill have my account which I have had for years under the disguise of
    “better security”. IT IS HERE!!! Take heart.

  2. artfantasies

    Rumours and confusion will so long in people as long there will nothing
    happen which is so outside the normal business of the corrupt and
    destructive reality that noone can deny it. But as long no ET’s manifesting
    themself in our reality, as long the Mayan propheca is not finally
    fullfilled or Jesus isn’t back to rule this world … mankind will go their
    way further in blindness … warring each another … destroying Gaia. Our
    hope is 2012 to a final countdown.

  3. TheseEyesGod

    @hurchel Cool comment. Thanks :) ~♥~

  4. artfantasies

    Hi, I’ve watched the interview and really have to say: arrogance & criminal
    tendency are meeting total vanity. One could sell all if one is feeding
    vanity. But there is nothing new and all is known, for example years ago
    Norway finished an underground base where the put in all crop seeds to save

  5. lukehard242

    @TheseEyesGod yes for joyfull wake up, it was just a shock to see I could
    not access my youtube account which I have used for 3+ years unless I now
    have a gmail account (which I won’t use). If I didn’t agree I could not
    leave this comment! just thought some may wish to know. better about it now
    but did not feel good.

  6. TheseEyesGod

    @artfantasies Your 1st paragraph is right, unfortunately. Yet – perhaps
    that is why everything is crumbling all around us. “Business as usual” is
    not working like it always did. Bad guys are more often getting exposed –
    getting caught. Surely all can see this. Things ARE changing. The Mayan
    calendar for the cycle we are on and ending, now (the 8th level or step)
    says it’s based on Integrity. Only things based on integrity will prosper –
    others go down. That seems to be so. As for contd

  7. lukehard242

    @TheseEyesGod agreed!!!

  8. TheseEyesGod

    @activereasoner … like you are, all would be well. We could easily state
    our ideas, still being respectful of self and others Those who think
    anything justifies being abusive – well, that is sad. One day all will see,
    but for now many respond without considering – straight from the head,
    which is polarized, always Balance is only natural to heart, imo. There is
    such Peace here, as well. From here we rise in frequency, too. Would that
    everyone could find this out :) Thanks! Nice comment

  9. TheseEyesGod

    @lukehard242 Oh, yes – on the Internet, itself, but also the individual
    large websites. Google, itself, is a big sell-out, imo. I don’t use the
    words “Google it” anymore – or their search engine. (Not that using Bing is
    much better – it’s Microsoft, but just the idea of how bad Google is – we
    do what we can 😉 We must start recognizing the codewords – like “security”
    “safety” and so on as just thin veils under which freedoms are taken away.
    Let’s joyfully finally WAKE UP! ~♥~

  10. TheseEyesGod

    @activereasoner You may be right, as far as him making a mistake. I’m sure
    you wouldn’t want to take away his right to make that mistake, though 😉
    That’s the thing that some knee-jerk reaction people would do. And who make
    them God? lol It may make some purists turn away – but we can’t live for
    other people and their values. We must live for ours, alone. If we’re in
    heart, then our values will include consideration of all of Life – not just
    us. If all were steady and reasoned… contd

  11. TheseEyesGod

    @lukehard242 Hmmm. I have gMail, and have known that they use the gMail
    sign-in to log me in to YouTube. Had no idea they were making it mandatory.
    I think you are right to be suspicious. One thing we know – it is not for
    our benefit – only theirs and/or the govt. Sometimes just knowing is all we
    can do – plus spreading the word. On a site like this in many ways we are a
    captive audience. If you want to use it, you must go along. Bummer ~♥~

  12. hurchel

    Hi theseeyesgod, I met Bill Ryan at the LA conferance, hiseyesgod too.

  13. TheseEyesGod

    @artfantasies … for ETs manifesting in this reality – they are doing that
    more and more, now. Some people are seeing – many don’t look. None can
    force them. It is what it is. One of the problems with awaiting 2012 or
    rescue is we do nothing now – when now it is called for. If we don’t grow
    up & step up to personal integrity and responsibility, things will only get
    worse. It is truly up to us. We create our future every day, every minute –
    every now Let’s just stay in now – in heart ♥

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