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February 1, 2018

Plasma televisions ? how they work

Most people who hear about a plasma television for the first time want to know how exactly they work and what it is that is so special and different about them. Plasma TVs are the new and improved version of the original CRT television and because of the advancement of technology that is used to create them, they show a better and clearer picture. One interesting fact to know is that the technology used to make a nicer picture appear on a plasma television screen is also used on a lot of the newer and more advanced computer monitors.

If you are wondering what CRT stands for, it means Cathode Ray Tube, this is what the old CRT televisions used to function before the new technology of the plasma televisions was invented. In order for the CRT to function properly, a large amount of space is required in order for the negatively charged beam to work properly and this means that ordinary, older televisions tend to be a lot bigger and weigh a lot more than plasma TVs.

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The same usages of the original CRT television are no longer needed since the technology for Plasma televisions was invented. It is much improved method of creating images on a screen as there is no need for an electron gun to be involved; instead plasma televisions use pixels, which are tiny dots that are illuminated on the screen, to show a nicer and crisper picture. On the inside of the plasma television there are electrons that light the tiny dots on the screen. Thanks to this technology, the space needed to house a television is now reduced because there’s no need for that CRT gun that requires a lot of room to produce the beam for the picture to show.

Therefore, you will find that plasma televisions are a lot thinner which means they are not so heavy compare to the older version and because of this they are flat-screen and can therefore be wall-mounted. The lights that are inside of a plasma television are actually three different colours of fluorescent lights, which work together and cause the picture on the screen to look crisp, clear, sharp and true to life. These three colours are blue, green, and red and the range of these lights varies and can be adjusted so that they can combine and make a variety of different colours which are the colours that are needed to show the pictures on the screen.

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