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June 27, 2015

Printed Lanyards

Printed lanyards are commonly made from polyester and are worn around a person’s neck. They are commonly worn to hold a name badge or security badge. Many people have to wear them at events such as business conferences and exhibitions to show who they are and what business they are from. Many businesses use printed lanyards as promotional items as you can print your business name on them, advertise a new product name or service and put your business contact numbers on them. They are ideal to hand out to people at trade shows with name badges attached and are a great idea to use if your business is sponsoring a particular event.

You can find a wide selection of printed lanyards in different lengths, widths, colours and materials. They are most often made from polyester which is comfortable to wear around your neck or some are made from recycled bamboo if you are looking for environmentally friendly products. You can purchase printed lanyards in various quantities but they are usually sold in bulk quantitates such as a hundred or more. Printed lanyards will come with a plastic safety release clip and a sprung lobster claw clip for name cards as standard. You can get a metal clasp fastner also if you want a more quality attachment. You will need to order your printed lanyards well in advance of when you require them to make sure they can be designed and made on time. You should allow around a month to be certain they will be created in time.

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Promotional umbrellas are another very popular product to help market your business. They are popular with sporting companies such as golf, motor racing and football clubs as they appeal to their target market and can be used when people come to watch events. Promotional umbrellas come in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes and can printed with almost anything that you want on them. They most often will have a company logo or name on them or maybe a club logo or image. You should be able to order promotional umbrellas in much smaller quantities than printed lanyards as they will cost quite a bit more per item.

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