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October 28, 2014

RBG| Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad on the Bullet or the Bullet

RBG Tribute to Our General Dr Khallid Abdul Muhammad Classic Mp3 Download Inc… http://www.scribd.com/doc/90229233/RBG-Tribute-to-Our-General-Dr-Khallid-Abd…

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R.I.P. Stan Meyers. The Pentagon was a little too interested. Cars that Run on Water and more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKrrOk-g_wU http://www.feandft….

20 Responses

  2. New Afrikan Independence Movement
  3. yorubablk3

    Long Live the memory of Min Khalid Abdul Muhammad!!Ashe!!

  4. DestroyerOfEvil247


  5. Replicated Cypher

    One of our most honorable leaders of all time,Dr.Khalid A.Muhammad!

  6. Kado GeeHon

    The Truth about the Hypocrisy of The U.S.A exposed!!!!!!

  7. ShamelessNation

    The Japanese may remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima and it may be more recent
    than slavery, but the white man has done alot to us since slavery that was
    more recent than these attacks in Japan. It’s really no excuse.

  8. TruthSeeker Ai

    he will always be a classic a now and the future to come voice of all the
    oppressed melinated skinned people, Ameer.i nyc

  9. marsL001

    finally,..the man him self talking here awesome video

  10. StopTheRobbery2

    Great video man! Do you mind if I repost this one?

  11. wiplash1020

    the car have at mixing console ?


    “if you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it
    contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the
    authority and base your reasoning on your own findings” – Leonardo da Vinci

  13. 77GSlinger

    Think of the millions of innocent people killed by bush and cheney and
    obama and clinton for oil we never needed. These Traitors to all of
    humanity are guilty of crimes against all sentient beings and the very
    destruction of our world.

  14. TheRealVerbz

    @StopTheRobbery2 PLEASE Repost anything and everything you can. All the
    videos and all the papers I’ve written on facebook and scribd,com too.
    Thank you!! Facebook,com/Verbelli –Jason Verbelli

  15. steadiworkz

    is their any footage of this running ?

  16. TheRealVerbz

    @haeresy WELL SAID!!! *****

  17. offline933

    a superb find

  18. TheRealVerbz

    @steadiworkz Briefly. :o) watch?v=nKrrOk-g_wU

  19. reddpill

    Murdered because he became a threat to the ‘Monetary System’ of the worlds
    controlling elite and for reasons of ‘National Security’ was assassinated.
    The reasons of having free energy goes against making profit and the
    bankers will protect their greed at all costs. Kennedy was no different and
    until we remove the central bankers, nothing is going to change.

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