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November 23, 2014

requiem for a dream violin

Sheet music: http://www.scribd.com/doc/4183379/Clive-Mansell-Lux-Aeterna-Requiem-for-a-Dream-Piano-and-Violin.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. Stanislaw Ostrovsky

    I think acoustic violins sound so much sadder and deeper than electric, you
    should have made it longer though

  2. LupineDog

    I’m a kid who’s obsessed with dramatic soundtracks and plays the violin, I
    haven’t seen the movie but love the soundtrack :)

  3. LupineDog


  4. Istari Pallando

    Dat vibrato is good. Very good.

  5. Speedbird

    AWESOME. JUST. AWESOME!!! You are a great violinist man…

  6. Николай Романла

    Hey man, this is fantastic!!!

  7. WaWolf's Amazingly Amazing Channel

    how old were you when you made this, because at any age, this is amazing!

  8. Angelo Hulsoff

    I hope he will be on a stage later .. 

  9. Fatih Guer

    You can be good in everything you might thing, but somewhere, out there,
    far away or not.. there is an asian that plays better than you and is may
    be not 16 years old.

  10. İyibey N

    Wonderfull !

  11. Felix Griffin


  12. Petshop Mix

    awesome vibrato

  13. Кирито Кадзуто

    Отлично сыграл !
    Наконец нашёл видео с человеком , который умеет хорошо играть это
    произведение )

  14. adun idei

    he hurries a little bit but is good :) keep the practice

  15. Ce Ska

    Awesome! *0*

  16. Rajyashree Goswami

    Loved it….

  17. Fran Doz Gameplays

    hey friend I play viola and I’m very interested that piesa can not give me
    the sheet music for a moment then clef 3rd piesa want to play this: D

  18. Anastacia Nostalgic

    wow, he really is a prodigy, isn’t he?

  19. Adrien Durand

    Magnifique .. 

  20. InFiNiTyQuAnTuM01

    Looks like a medium piece but all that vibrato! Holy Sh*t!

  21. Enver Naim

    this korean boy perfect

  22. Hakimi Razak


  23. enrique moises noblecilla huiman

    tu melodía esta adelantada en el vídeo pero tal vez en los auriculares esta
    bien, luego todo bien 

  24. Evelin Garduño

    Beautiful :’)

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